Growing bones

Mum, sorry that I scared you when you were on-call last week. You thought you were having a DVT when woken up with an acute, severe left calf pain. But when it went away, I am glad you were relieved it was just cramping... I know it has happened 4 times now. Most recent one was last night. You scared Papi last night. You woke up screaming and crying. It was your left leg again. Although you have felt cramping before on your right calf as well. Mummy, you have low Calcium bec I am taking it all for my growing bones. Look at my femur :) It's growing every single day thanks to you!
I am also impressed that you own your first-ever pill box now. I thought only old people have pill boxes. I cannot blame you. You have to take your prenatal vitamins, your Vit B6, Colace, Folic Acid, Allegra and now Tums!
You heard my heart beat today at your OB visit. Please slow down your weight gain. Stay away from sweets. I know you like them a lot -- chocolates, cheesecake and ice cream! yumm! Moderation is key. I don't want your heart working so hard with all that increased weight and increased blood volume. You don't want to have high blood pressure do you? I don't...
lots of love,
your little one

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