2 months later

I am so thankful for the past two months. I graduated. I witnessed my sister's wedding. My grandma was here to spend time with us. Derrick and I went to Hawaii. I also worked on my new house and backyard. And right before work started, I went to St. Louis and Philly (surviving some rough thunderstorms while driving my beetle!)

And now, I have survived 3 shifts as a young doctor. It was definitely a good thing starting at the Emergency Dept. I never feel alone! My attendings and the staff are amazing! Always there to help and update you about your patients.

Of course, I miss my hubby. I get home late at night that he next thing we know, we are snoozing. Yet tonight was wonderful. We walked from our house to B-rip and ate dinner at Bazbeaux It was a good workout and good quality time spent making fun of the ducks and what Derrick calls "nature" mess at the canal/trail path (I mostly did the "making fun of the ducks"...Derrick is super nice and kind!)

Well..... time to snooze now. It's another day at the ED tomorrow.
P.S. Don't bring your kids to my work...

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