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I am Sarah Isis. I am a Catholic Christian, wife and mom of five hatchlings. I work outside of home as a child neurologist.  If I am not a doctor, I think I will be a ballerina.... or a fashion blogger..... or maybe your personal shopper!

My weaknesses include:
designer purses
ice cream
staying up late

I enjoy:
spending a lazy afternoon with the children and hubs
beach vacations
playing the piano
yoga, lots of deep breathing and yoga (I wonder why hmmmm.... haha)

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Here are some of my favorite posts:

Child neurology residency - ins and outs, part I and part II
My three pregnancies during residency

Once upon a time, there's this girl.

She met him. {check out our feature article here ~ and how we met}

Three years later, happy boy was born.

Princess Ballerina joined him so he would not be alone.

And they did not stop at 2. 
Mr. Serious joined the crew.

To even it out, comes baby Lulu. 

(Lucy's birth story: part I, part II and part III - it's a novella)

Oh wait, we are not done!
we added Lucas to the crew.

Disclosure: I work with affiliate programs. Some outfit links and similar pieces are affiliate links. This means if you buy something, I may make a few cents. IT HAS NO extra cost on you as a buyer, so no worries. 

***I sometimes blog about my job, but thoughts are my own. I also do not publish patient names to protect their privacy. HIPAA compliant here. Please remember I am not your doctor. If you have any questions or seeking medical advice, please consult your doctor and not just base your decisions on my musings here online.***
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