Mummy's Day Off

It's mummy's day off! And I had tons of fun hanging out with her!

It was my first time at the New Central Library Downtown. Mummy picked up some books on CD (she says she is stuck in traffic during afternoon rush hour and wants to divert her frustration to praising God instead!)

Here are a few pictures of my day!

Posing in front of our tiny Christmas tree.

Mum got this for her tiny apartment. We still need to get a BIG one...

I love the lights!

My Papi decorated our tree. He placed it on our bay window. Mum loves it bec she sees the tree whenever she comes home from a long day at work.

Here's my sort of confused look taken at the library. I enjoyed looking at the "big mobiles" at the atrium. There were big snowflakes and big spiral things.
The elevators also have mirrors on the ceiling.

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