Shower for Daniel

Check out the babies who joined the party! Christie's son, Marcus and Sarah's daughter, Emma.

Let's open presents: a blanket made by my mummy for littleDaniel! I am admiring the crochet pattern and the name! Daniel Delima -- Derrick would be so proud.

"Should I open this? The wrapping is so pretty." -- talking to my sister.

Presents from my sister Lady and Shiela! Love the sheets!

ooohh... let's open this up!

presents from Phyllis

Cute bath wrap from Tita Hannah. Daniel also received a Children's Bible from her (not shown)

cute clothes!

more cute outfits!

I am excited for Daniel's gifts!

Lucky belly bump rub from my sweetest friends - Katherine, Hannah and Mindy.

Awesome friends who drove 4-5 hours to celebrate Daniel!

Sarah, Sarah, Suzanna and Emma! hahaha.. (these ladies call me isis!)

We are missing Jamie -- then our Muncie Bible study group would be complete!

Thanks for a wonderful afternoon-- to all the guests that came and celebrate my little one on the way. Thanks to my sister Lady and my mother-in-law Lisa who co-hosted the party with my mum. And most especially, biggest thanks to my mummy, who labored to cut up fruit and salad ingredients when I was post-call and really tired; who prepared all the games; who organized almost everything! You're the best, mummy! You're going to be a great LOLA (grandma!)

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