Maxi dress and butterflies {wiws}

I thought I wanted all sons. Yeah right. I'm glad God did not listen to my petty wishes. Isabel is full of surprises. I'm amazed every single day of the little things she could do at a young age.

Having a girl means dresses and accessories. Thanks to our family in California for the beautiful butterflies dress. It's still a little big but I placed a pink belt (from another dress/gift) and it worked out. Isabel has been wearing her pink boots all week. She likes to dress herself and have a say on her clothes. {this really starts at 21 months of age? I did not know}

Isabel's outfit is so cute I wanna replicate it!
Dress: H&M {thanks auntie Feli}
Belt: guess {thanks auntie Suzy}
Boots: Target

Isabel had a lot of compliments last Friday when she wore a green flowery dress for the daycare luau. She matched her dress with her boots. So cute. She also loved the chocolate fondu fountain at my work party. I brought her to show her off!

My outfit:
Maternity dress: old navy {also seen here}
Shrug: from my grandma
Necklace: zulily
Peep toe sandals: Nine West {old}

Mass behaviors:
D: we have to work on listening, facing the altar and less dancing during Mass so he gets a B
I: She read her books quietly, sat on our laps, Fussed towards the end of Mass bec she's hungry and sleepy. She gets a B+

It's so nice to see newborns in church. Another family from our Agape group had their baby about a month ago. We said hi after Mass and I showed Isabel the little baby. Isabel just gave me a blank look, actually more like a look of disbelief. I can read her face: you mean all this talk about having a baby is for real? And babies look like that?

Sweet baby C was actually sleeping peacefully in her carseat. She didn't move, make a fuss or anything. So I don't know why Isabel isn't sold to this we are having a baby in 4 weeks or less announcement!

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Have a blessed Sunday!


  1. You look beautiful and so does your little one(s) :)

  2. Maxi dresses are a new pregnancy staple for me. For real!

  3. Such a cute butterfly dress! And I love the maxi w/ black accents- you look great!

  4. You look beautiful, Sarah! You do pregnancy so well. Isabel, wow. What a cutie. My 18 mo old has been wearing boots every day, too (around the house anyway) . . . except they are big sister's pink rubber boots. Way too big. But she insists.

  5. You are so darling! Loving the bump! I am having a What We Wore LInk Party, would love if you could link up: http://suburbsmama.blogspot.com/2013/08/what-we-wore-8.html


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