7 quick takes vol 38

1. Guess who's a big preschooler?!
So proud of my boy. His first day at the big school was yesterday.

2. Orientation
We met the TK {transitional Kindergarten} teacher last Wednesday for an hour. Lil D and i had the chance to eat breakfast before the meeting. It was a mummy and me morning date. I took him to the same brunch place when he and I went out spontaneously when he was just 6 months old. He just stayed in his car seat and let me enjoy my breakfast. 3.5 years later, he is a big boy sitting across the table from me.

^^sipping his coffee, uhm, chocolate milk^^

3. It takes a village
Totally agree with Jen's post that it takes a village to rear a child.
This is my shout-out to my mom and my in-laws for stepping up and picking up Daniel while Derrick and I are still at work. Thanks so much!

I drew this map for my mom, hoping it will help her orient herself when she picks up Lil D.
Drawn by a kindergartener age 30 years old. I am no artist.

4. Speaking of family:
Another shout out to my sister. It's her big birthday today.

^^old pict but one of my faves with my sister and grandma. In Monterey bay, such a pretty place^^

switching gears, or else this post will just be 7qt: TK edition.
5. Happy death anniversary to my ganglion cyst, Alfred. Surgically removed 8/15/12 under general anesthesia with propofol and a brachial plexus block. I battled with Alfred coming and going. Used to be in college, he just disappeared without intervention. Then came my first baby. Alfred came and grew and grew. He never popped and disappeared so I sought a hand surgeon. I was afraid of surgery so we just rested my hand after receiving a steroid shot. Plus I was doing a neonatal ICU rotation in Peds then. I knew I needed 2 hands to put lines and intubate. And I had a 6 month old Daniel then. I had to carry him around.
So I skipped push ups and heavy lifting per surgeon's recs. I paid dearly for skipping those important workouts. I was out of shape. Isabel came and Alfred came again.

So I finally decided to get rid of him. 8/15/12 he left and I told him: he better not come back. My left wrist was immobilized for 12 days. Then physical therapy started while we were on vacation in Lake Michigan.

I don't miss Alfred.

^^playing tee-ball with Daniel. Nothing can stop me, even my immobilized wrist.^^

6. prayer request:
Still in this awful limbo of uncertainty. My prayer requests:
-not be bitter
-not be annoyed of certain people or certain circumstances just because I'm in this position
-trust and accept God's plan
-may this experience be a path to holiness

7. Another picture I am sharing:

Isabel had to join the fun! Of course!

Linking up with Jennifer Fulwiler @ conversiondiary.

Happy Friday to all!

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