December Fun

Our Christmas get-away... even just for the night.

This was planned back in October but little Daniel stopped taking the bottle then so we had to reschedule.

Daniel is so happy to see me again after being separated for 12 hours.

Views from our suite
Down Senate

The Capitol Building

Christmas Day 2009

With our Santa

After Mass

My handsome boy

more December picts

The 49ers fan... Colts #1. SF #2.


look at what they do while I'm at work.

Derrick assured me he was within arms reach... just in case Daniel gets off-balance. oh yeah, I've heard that before.

As long as I don't see them at the ER.


Mummy's Day Off

It's mummy's day off! And I had tons of fun hanging out with her!

It was my first time at the New Central Library Downtown. Mummy picked up some books on CD (she says she is stuck in traffic during afternoon rush hour and wants to divert her frustration to praising God instead!)

Here are a few pictures of my day!

Posing in front of our tiny Christmas tree.

Mum got this for her tiny apartment. We still need to get a BIG one...

I love the lights!

My Papi decorated our tree. He placed it on our bay window. Mum loves it bec she sees the tree whenever she comes home from a long day at work.

Here's my sort of confused look taken at the library. I enjoyed looking at the "big mobiles" at the atrium. There were big snowflakes and big spiral things.
The elevators also have mirrors on the ceiling.


My first Thanksgiving

This is my first outfit on Thanksgiving... Papi was able to take a picture before I had an

This is my second outfit... Am I cute or what?
This is my Lolo Frank. yum, yum... They just finished eating the Thanksgiving feast!

I don't know what my mummy is doing... What a weird expression and my Papi got it on camera.

The family last Thanksgiving.

And I was the star!!!
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