Day at the Fair

The summer tan I've been waiting for I finally got at the state fair today. Oh it was hot! The tip of my nose is sunburned. I was afraid that Isabel is going to have heat exhaustion. She had flushed cheeks and was quiet when we were out in the sun. I sought benches and chairs in shaded areas. Prego lady and kids under 4 need shade and rest areas.

Now as I post this entry, my calves are paying for the fun day spent at the fair. My legs are sore. But I had a blast with the kids. They loved seeing the animals: chickens, rabbits, cattle, fish. We missed the sheep and pigs. Daniel visited the John Deere lot and rode every single farm equipment there is while Isabel and I cooled off under the shade.

As for what we ate: we splurged.
-- pork chop
-- buttered corn
-- corn dog x 2
-- fries
-- pork BBQ x 2
-- cotton candy
-- pineapple whip
-- strawberry smoothie

We skipped the milk barn today. Derrick also didn't get to try his ribeye steak. We will have to come back, maybe during demolition derby day.

It's the year of popcorn. Check out this huge popcorn ball. Massive.

Canned good art. One in a minion.

Daniel is still afraid to touch the calf. Nothing has changed.

I've got something in common with these cows. We are milk machines.

Kids loved the cotton candy. Trust me, her scowl is actually a smile.

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