Goodbye 2013 ~ you've been good to me

Whew! What a big change from how we spent ny Eve last year to this year.

my wine from last year's ny Eve dinner

Most liked grams:
5th ~ Isabel
4th ~ Isabel with my prego belly
3rd ~ hashtag seriousSebastian
2nd ~ oxblood studded wedges {anniv dinner post baby} i heart my shoes. Apparently you guys too!
1st ~ meet baby D3

So blessed for my Dcrew.
2014 is gonna be a blast!

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Christmas octave and what's cooking

My favorite week is the Christmas octave. Though the secular culture stopped playing Christmas music on December 26th, it's only the second day of Christmas. The wise men continues their journey. We,Catholics, are blessed to enjoy 12 days of holiness.... The 12 days of Christmas!

Christmas octave:
Dec 26 // Thurs
St. Stephen ~ patron saints for bricklayers, Deacons and Hungary

Dec 27 // Friday
St. John the Apostle

Meal: left over buffet, with sweet potato fries and sauteed green beans

Dec 28 // Saturday
Holy Innocents ~ patron saints for babies
The first martyrs for Christ. In Herod's quest to find the infant King, he ordered the massacre of these little boys thus making them the first martyrs for Christ.

Meal: sashimi take out, nabeyaki udon for the children, yakiniku for Derrick. Thanks to my in-laws for the treat!

Dec 29 // Sunday
Feast of the Holy Family

Meal: I finally made the crunchy chicken tenders I had planned for Christmas lunch. Several days after Christmas and we still have left overs from lunch. My mom and in laws brought ham. (lbs and lbs of ham). It's like they knew I will be out of commission and sick and not able to cook without getting fatigued and tachycardic.

Dec 30 // Monday
Special day for me personally. This marks the one month countdown until I finish residency.

Meal: celebrate our 9 years of togetherness 2 days early??? I will be working NY eve and NY day. With a 3 month old, who can go out like these lovebirds?

Dec 31 // Tuesday
NY Eve

Meal: take your pick from the freezer meals I have in stock.

Jan 1 // Wednesday
The octave day of the nativity of The Lord.
Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

Meal: Bang bang shrimp

Jan 2 // Thursday
St. Basil

Meal: pepper steak from my chinese cookbook

Jan 3 // Friday
Most Holy Name of Jesus

Meal: easy sesame chicken

Jan 4 // Saturday
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Meal: creamy chicken and wild rice soup

Have a blessed Christmas octave!

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Christmas pjs and presents

Happy Christmas season from the sick D-crew household. Not an awesome way to spend our Christmas break. Specially for this mama bear who feels useless being bedridden with fevers and chills.

In between the ibuprofen and Tylenol, I present you our pictures from the majestic iPhone camera and pic-tap-go app. Enjoy!

Round 1
Opening presents from Santa.
This Christmas is perfect for the kids. We had our Las posadas the night before. They went to bed without a fuss. They were excited about Santa and the kids got what they asked 'him'.

Round 2
My mom came over for lunch and it's round 2 overload. If they opened x amount of gifts from us, they opened x times 3 with Lola.

It was a power rangers and Dora Christmas for the older two. Outfits and baby Einstein for Sebastian.

Cardi: target || black tunic: express, old || tights: bright and lively from zulily || boots: hunters, gift

Such a precious time. The best Christmas present is spending time with my family this holiday season. My heart swells with pride and love when I see them. I'm blessed.

Christmas 2012 ~ when we were all healthy and not plagued with viruses

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'Twas the night before Christmas

Dress: moda international (vs) old || vest: zulily || tights: zulily || boots: Mia

There are better pictures obtained by my husband using the hand-me-down rebel cam from my FIL. I don't know how to use it. So the iPhone cam will just do.
~~ for now.
~~ till I get a tutorial from my sister

^^the stable is waiting for the arrival of baby jesus.

^^i placed him on an easy to find spot for our las posadas^^

There's a slight hiccup the start of our Christmas vacation. So all our to-do chores were all done Christmas Eve {they're mainly my to-do list}.

We baked cookies for Santa.
And gifted the rest to family and friends.

We attended family Mass at 4p. Oh how I miss midnight Mass. Maybe when the children are a little older then I won't feel bad keeping them up for midnight Mass.

Because of our kids ages 4.5 ,2 and 3.5 mos, we also skipped the traditional noche Buena meal. We were all snoozing at that point.

Instead we had a very nice Christmas lunch with family.

Here's my sweet son watching me prep freezer meals {not holiday related, but anticipation of my busy January at work}. Again, this was pushed back because of a plugged duct. The challenges of breastfeeding and overproduction. {another post for another time}

^^que pasa?^^

Merry Christmas to all!

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Happy Christmas Eve! {and a winner}

We have a winner for the wise men adventure giveaway. Our lucky commenter who will receive a $15 Starbucks gift card was chosen like so:

Who needs rafflecopter when a preschooler is around? We practiced writing our numbers.

Suspense is building up....
Just in case you need a caption: Daniel is holding numbers 1 and 2 on his right {your left}. And numbers 3 and 4 are on his left hand {your right}. Come on, use your imagination. The number 2 looks like a question mark. But who cares? Three looks like a double question mark. 1 & 4, you get it.

After some shuffling...

Who will win the gift card?
We assigned 1-4 for commenters 1-4, duh.

And our lucky winner who will enjoy a chestnut praline latte is:

Martha of fabrics&fun!
Congrats Martha!

Merry Christmas Eve to all!

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Blue and breastfeeding friendly {wiws}

We must be the sign of "Immanuel" to the world. Instead of God nowhere, change the space to God now here. ~ from our pastor for this last Sunday of advent.

I am glad I found this dress on Old Navy when I was pregnant with Sebastian. It's a nursing dress. Wearing dresses when I am breastfeeding is always a tricky thing. I have a lot of dresses on hibernation because they are not breastfeeding friendly. I'd like to share the link here, but I cannot find it anymore.

dress: old navy // cardi: Gap (old) also seen here // coat: Jcrew factory (old) // crossbody: Burberry // tights: Kohls // suede ankle booties: Mia Soho limited.

My husband asked today while I was trailing behind with a toddler in my arms: Can you even run in those?

First: I have a toddler on my hip. that's why I am sloooowww.
Second: these ankle booties are actually comfy.
Third: I am a lady. I should not be running around ie not chasing kids... {which moms know that is not true. Job description of moms include "chase kids"}

link it up: FL&P
the pleated poppy blog
Thanks for hosting ladies!
Have a happy rest of Advent.

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Rainy day means productivity in my dictionary

Hello from rainy Indianapolis. Besides being on call, I planned our menu for Christmas week.

Past week:
Sunday: Union Jack pizza. my usual basil and sundried tomatoes // italian sausage and basil deep dish pizza for the boys
Monday: impromptu sushi dinner
Tuesday: chicken adobo (hubs' favorite Filipino dish)
Wednesday:beef stew in the slow cooker
Thursday: baked tilapia with tomatoes and zucchini
Friday: dinner date at Mama Carolla's. I ordered my usual pasta bolognese with angel hair pasta // hubs got his chicken fettucine alfredo. we are both creatures of habit. It's hard to change our ways.
Saturday: meatloaf; roasted garlic tomatoes, bell peppers and zucchini (aka throw whatever I have in my fridge)

Christmas week:
Sunday: chicken alfredo and rice casserole
Monday: left overs
Tuesday: Christmas Eve ~~ crock pot pork chops and apples; baked sweet potato fries (these are addicting!)
Wednesday: Christmas Day ~~ crunchy chicken tenders, shrimp tortellini, baked asparagus. my mom's share: everybody's favorite Ham. yum.
Thursday: bang bang shrimp (aka orange peel shrimp)
Friday: left overs
Saturday: pepper steak stir fry from this awesome cookbook

I say this weekend is a productive one. The children's gifts are all wrapped. We went for a huge Costco run {usuals: milk, fruit, meat for my freezer meals in preparation for a busy inpatient hospital month, diapers, veges}.

This is my last weekend call as a resident physician...... Another milestone.
{counting the days}

Here's my handsome boy who's seen me work as a resident his whole life. It's about to change buddy!

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Christmas program, giveaway, books and countdown {7qtFriday}

1. Christmas program
Today is my TK's Christmas program. Daniel is not much of a talker when it comes to school stuff {painful for a mom}. He won't tell us what song they've been preparing to sing at the program. I brought the troops (minus the D of disis). Praise to Isabel who tolerated the hour long program. She had her minor breakdown at the second to the last song. Thank you for the nativity play and the three wise men showing up. They distracted her.

Daniel and his class sang Hip Hop Reindeer (no wonder he did not tell us the title of the song. I don't know the song myself)

2. Giveaway
My way of reclaiming my pride. I'm giving away a Starbucks $15 gift card if you find out my three wise men mistake from here to here. My kids will pick a winner at random on Christmas Eve.

3. How handsome is this boy?
My sister posted this cute video of my nephew.
~ I should learn from this smart boy. He answers in complete sentences. Unlike me, who writes phrases and pretend they're sentences.
Like so:
6 yo came in for follow-up. Pt with history of seizures. Seizure free for a year on low dose keppra. No side effects per parents. No regression skills. Doing well as a first grader. Etc. Etc.

(**Btw, above is not a real patient. Just a made up history)

4. Dinner date
I invited Derrick for an impromptu dinner date. Funny how dinner with only one child us feels like a date nowadays.

And this was how we spent the rest of our night. Might as well wrap presents.

Look at our only child for the night. He can tripod! Nice propping skillzzzz hubs.

5. Countdown
I'm looking for an app to countdown my last days a resident. As I'm publishing this, I've got

6. Books, books, books
I'm supposed to be studying for boards but I miss reading for fun. I haven't found a good book in awhile. Sooooo.... I downloaded a sample of Kathy Reichs' novel featuring the original Temperance Brennan (heroine that inspired the series Bones).

I'll let you know if it's a good one.
I love mystery and crime books. Any recommendations?



So so comfy plaid top from Old Navy
So so comfy Leggings Macy's
So so comfy minnetonka suede ankle boots

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