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Derrick spoils me. ⁣

That’s simply understating how this man embodies the love language of “acts of service.”⁣

He’s the kindest, most patient and loving person I know. I pray daily that I love and serve like him. It’s because he loves like Christ; how Christ loves his bride, the Church. ⁣

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fertility awareness aka natural family planning


It’s NFP awareness week. For my non-Catholic friends. NFP = natural family planning. ⁣

Key points⁣

πŸ—“ Not the rhythm method ⁣

πŸ’‘ Best to call it fertility awareness⁣

🌑 We use the sympto-thermal method⁣

πŸ“ Recording temps and symptoms and interpreting the graph⁣

🍭 🌈 It’s not all lollipops and rainbows ⁣

You probably don’t want to hear what I have to say about NFP or fertility awareness as I have 6 kids already. Lol. ⁣

Because we practice fertility awareness, we know when five out of our 6 babies were conceived. ⁣

Yes we had one mishap of interpreting my cycle with one of the babes because I was postpartum and breastfeeding. But once we found out we were pregnant, we were able to pinpoint on the graph - well that was obviously phase II. ⁣

Phase II means - fertile window. ⁣

If you want to have a baby, go for it. ⁣

If you want to delay a pregnancy, then stay away. 😝

@derrick49ers and I learned the tedious symptothermal method apparently. There’s a class now that teaches simplified way of interpreting the different phases. Once we started graphing and paying attention to my cycle (hence fertility awareness) we were able to predict and then confirm with the basal body temps and mucus observations the different phases. Again breastfeeding can change length of those cycles. So lots of re-learning about my body when breastfeeding.

There are other NFP methods. ⁣

Creighton method⁣

Marquette method ⁣

Billings method

PROs of NFP⁣

It takes two to make a baby right? ⁣

@derrick49ers records temps.

I’m aware of the different phases and so is he. ⁣

Once I’ve accepted being open to life, i embraced the hard newborn phase. The babies are the gift! Not everyone like the sleep deprived state, but I endure it. Because I get to kiss a baby! ⁣

CONs of NFP⁣

πŸ’‹ Abstaining requires lots of prayer. ⁣

Prayer is not the con. ⁣

Self control or lack thereof is the Con. ⁣

Just like our bodies are made differently, NFP is different for every couple. One’s family planning may not even include NFP. That doesn’t make them less of a Catholic. It’s one of the hardest teachings (maybe even the hardest period) of the Catholic Church.May this post serve as an awareness post and sharing of our journey. Once we have decided to get off the pill, following NFP gave us peace. I didn’t even learn about NFP until I got married! I truly wish I knew about it beyond the textbook and actually apply it in my own life before I got married.

Here are a few places to learn more about NFP and the different methods and how it has changed and shaped couples and families and their faith.

@youmeandnfp @mycreightonjourney @nfpcoach @nfp_resources @kwhitaker96 has a saved highlights on her stories. My fave blog post EVAH is No H8, educate by my friend @carolyn_svellerella.

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