Isabel, TK lunch, pregnant and hormonal {7qt vol 39}

1. This week has been a week of adorable Isabel outfits. I'm biased because she's my daughter. But she has received tons of compliments from school. The teachers all wanna borrow her pink boots!

What she wore:

^^ dress from Nordstrom, thanks Lola Lisa. Stride rite shoes^^

^^navy stripes from Carter's. boots - her faves from target^^

^^ Circo top. Osh kosh shorts. Pink boots^^

^^tutu dress from zulily. Leather Purse from cancun, Mexico. Personalized with her name. Socks Carter's or Circo {I forgot}^^

2. pregnancy
I'm seeing a difference with my walking, stamina, my heart rate, my ligaments and joints. My hips are achier. And carrying Isabel after a full day at work can be challenging. What a difference 35 weeks --> 36 weeks!
Nurses, doctors and parents at work are all commenting on my belly hugeness. Or the fact that I'm gonna go on labor anytime soon!

3. Pregnancy hormones
I almost cried during a procedure. The patient was crying. His younger sister {not a patient} cried with him. The little girl reminded me of my Isabel. I almost cried.

All these familiar feelings coming back. Postpartum hormones and emotions are gonna be fun {not!}

4. What TK is teaching us:
We missed our cafeteria order for August. Oops. So now Daniel has to drink water for snack and lunch. He misses his milk. He is so thirsty when gets home. I tried tropical juice with carrot juice in it {can't tell the carrot juice part} and he still didn't drink it. Next day, I packed apple juice -- the squeezie bottle came back full.

Daniel has been my picky eater. But he better maintain his weight and height velocity Or else I'm gonna be crazy momma again. I remember that mom who asked for a feeding study because her 10-month old was gagging and choking with food. He only wanted to nurse. That mom was me.
Daniel turned out fine. We just needed to teach him that he needed to lateralize his tongue and push the food around etc etc and not let the food pool at the back of his throat.

So to do this weekend:
Sign in the cafe site
Order milk for month of sept

5. Lunch ideas
I'm running out of ideas for my picky eater. He's only been in school for 5 days so clearly I'm failing here. At home, I can offer him dinner-left overs for lunch. But Derrick doesn't want him to eat "cold leftovers" so we are stuck with sandwiches. And my Lil D doesn't like deli sandwiches.

Thanks to a friend who showed me this website: it looks promising! I just have to convince my picky eater that the food is nonpoisonous.

6. Football
I look forward to this weekend. Derrick and I are going to another pre-season colts game and it's in the evening. Ooohlala. The kids are staying with my mom.

Do I hear the last hurrah for these parents before baby D3 joins us? Uh-huh.
Devour downtown is on right now. There are cool restaurants I wanna visit and don't feel bad spending $35/person when usual menu is $70-100/person.

Burberry emails are so pretty to look at...
Me: why can't you be a surgeon so u can buy me these things? {a familiar joke in our relationship, because Derrick is afraid of blood, guts, needles}
D: do u see my hands? They are shaky! {he showed me an exaggerated postural and intention tremor}

Joining Jen Fulwiler @ conversiondiary as usual!

Happy Friday y'all!

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