7 quick takes vol 37

1. Prayers needed
I'm asking for prayers for a personal intention. I apologize for being vague... Maybe in the future, I may share my intention publicly.
{baby D3 is doing fine, by the way. Waiting for the ultrasound in 2 weeks}

This scripture passage is calming my anxious heart:
Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.
--Psalm 37:4

2. Did I say I've got the coolest husband? {many times}
He plays with the kids. he is not afraid to get dirty and wrestle with them. He is a good provider. Most importantly, he is always there when I need him the most. Whether when im venting; when i need a listening ear, or when I'm requesting his advice so we can come up with solutions. He's there.
Like what I've said before: if we could survive medical school together, then we can do anything.
I'm glad I said that because we survived intern year and we are surviving residency with 2 kids and one on the way.
We can survive yet another obstacle.

3. I received such a wonderful compliment at work:
You're a fun doctor
It was from a cute blond boy from clinic. He is a bright student and seemed very sweet. I didn't expect his compliment. He said it right when I was leaving the room. It made me smile because it was genuine. He caught me off guard and I saw the sincerity in his eyes.
God sent me an angel today huh?

4. More about work:
Posted in one of the conference rooms

5. My two favorite things to lift up my mood.
Ice cream

{since I can't drink moscato or Riesling!}

^^ not really a picture of the sushi. But when I took this photo, we were at the sushi place.
And then, not surprisingly I had this spontaneous craving to drag everybody out of the house to get ice cream. Sorry no picture of the amaretto cherry amour and chocolate cookie dough ice cream I shared with hubs. Daniel and Isabel shared the cotton candy with confetti ice cream. They've got new favors at the Brickhouse {BRICS}

Did the above two things lift up my mood?
Heck ya!

6. Did u see my post about breastfeeding and residency?
It's a good reminder and list since I'll be doing it again when baby D3 arrives....

7. Just because I don't have enough Picts on this post: another picture I am sharing.
happy baptism anniv to my sweet boy!

Happy Friday y'all!
It's blue Friday with the first colts preseason game on Sunday. Woohoo!
Head to Jen's @ conversiondiary for more!

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