mothering is hard

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// Chanel flap bags //

This morning was not my best performance as a mom. I am not blaming the sugar detox. It's all on me, folks. all on me.
I have never been a good "getting ready" person. I always tend to push it to the limits. I snooze that alarm, several, several times.
Because of that, I really don't have any lee-way when children are having bad mornings or tantrums.
Every second counts, children.
I am not exaggerating.


sugar detox

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I am cutting back on my sweets and shakes and watching my carb intake...
I am in a terrible state. I am cranky. I am tired. I am obsessed with getting something sweet.
I haven't been totally sugar-free. I had a small block of Hershey's dark chocolate today after my last patient in clinic. It's not as sweet and calorie-dense as the shakes I have been slurping, so I gave myself a break.
I hate being mean to people around me. I was easily annoyed this morning at school drop-off. The school changed the drop off and parent sign-in policy AGAIN... for the 4th time. :/
Last week was smooth and quick. This week, ugh, not so much. I was not nice to the first grade teachers. Poor ladies. They were probably thinking: that crazy, mom, chillax will ya?


weekend rounding

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Woohoo! It's Sunday and after 4p.
I want to thank my colleagues for awesome teamwork this weekend. I could not have done all of it by myself... I could have but I would have been up all night long... I would have been that physician looking like a zombie with lack of sleep. I would have been super grumpy.
But that was not the case! woohoo!


life lately {sqt}

^making fun of  hands-on -hip pose ^

1. My sweets and I are a little over a month away celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary. Seriously, a decade already?

2.  1/2 off happy-hour shakes are so not good for my diet...
but how can you beat 2 black raspberry chocolate chip shakes, 1 side-by-side strawberry milkshake and 1 strawberry milkshake for $7.63! That's maybe a grande soy latte + banana bread at Sbux.

 3. I am on call again this weekend.
let's leave it at that.


that guy who didn't like me

// halter dresses   //

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 I went out with a guy who's in my college circle of friends. He's Asian.  He's good looking. He's smart.

Maybe he felt bad so he took me out.  Only once. There was no dinner or kiss. It was just a movie. We saw Charlie's Angels.


fancy driver

// fancy flats //


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Burberry bowler bag
Bandolino flats

 Besides being a mom, I am also a chauffeur.
I drop off and pick up.
We can spend quite some time in the car and unfortunately lunches and snacks happen in there too.
Every time I reach to the back, I feel like a jeepney driver.


life happens

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Ferragamo bucket bag, this one in black
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// look at these bucket bags //

Life just happens.
It's the first full week of school.
I was on service Monday to Friday last week.
Weekend was spent catching up on life.
Fall soccer started.
Boy scouts meetings started.

// fun animal print wedges //

When do moms of big families (or moms, period!) get a breather?
Never, huh?

and oh by the way, I have been slacking off with my workouts... so the belly bulge you're seeing is making me sad.

The shakes I drank last week while on-service did not help either.

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