Pool Party

I enjoyed splashing in the pool. My mummy and I had lots of fun at the lazy river.

To enlarge the pictures, click on them.

Check out my serious face.

This was our last day in Myrtle Beach. We had lunch at the Market Commons -- a fairly new shopping center. My mummy liked it there. She eventually got tired of the tourist-y spots. Here's a picture with my great-lola.

Man, I was so tired! I needed a nap after all that splashing around.

Guess where my mummy and lola went! shopping... I didn't mind. I can snooze while they shop.

More pictures from our Charleston trip.




Beach Bums in Myrtle Beach South Carolina

Our family went to Myrtle Beach, SC for a fun, relaxing vacation. It was Daniel's first time at the beach. This lucky boy had seen the Pacific Ocean (last month when we visited Nathaniel, Lady and Dean, and Derrick's family) and this time, the Atlantic Ocean.

We will post more pictures later of our day in Charleston and our pool pix! ooohh! Daniel LOVED the water!

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Breezy day at the beach

What a weird feeling... is that sand?

Papi and Daniel

Grandma and Daniel are under the shade, while I bask under the sun. I wonder who picked out the umbrella and the beach chairs.
Who loves pink?!
Check out that handsome smile!

Cool shades!

Beach bums!


Spring Fling

Our little one is almost 9 months old! He had pictures taken by our friend Hery this past weekend. Thank you, Hery!

I am all gaga for my son! Truly a D-isis product! He looks like my husband but definitely has my personality.

check out that drool... he's the "Drool master"

I love this pose! What a model!

Loving our swing.

My mummy's orchid is so pretty.. just like her! -[Daniel]

Side note: Daniel finally has a baby tooth! yay!

But he has been refusing to go to sleep in his crib! He cries and cries forever! He is very clingy! is it because of teething?
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