Derrick's wise words

Daniel: why are we here? To get books?
Derrick: no, we are dropping off mummy's DVDs.
Me: the library is closed.
Derrick: librarians have a life, that's why they closed it on Friday night.
{is he being sarcastic?}

Me: this is the key to my postpartum weight loss. {pointing to insanity dvd collection}
Will u join me Hun?
Derrick: I can. If I don't die doing it.

Me showing him a dress: is this appropriate?
Derrick: hesitating... about to say no, I can totally read him. But I like it though.

Derrick: is that so&so colts player?!
{he can spot footballers and b-ball stars anywhere!}
Me: look at his pregnant wife! She has a Louis.
His/hers: football/fashion
What's important comes out in an instant.

Me: you told me I don't need a financial adviser.
D: I am your financial adviser.
Me: I know.
D: plus you don't listen anyway. And you'll be paying somebody just so you won't listen to him?
(I know I married a catch! Honest, brutal but true!)

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