happy 3rd birthday, isabel!

Kisses to my lovely girl who turned three today!

For her birth story.
Her first birthday.
Her second birthday.

her Frozen birthday party photo diary in the works. COMING SOON.

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pink + brown

Mixing and matching things in my closet is one of the reasons I love to blog about my outfits. I am the type to "plan ahead" my outfits for the week. yes, per week! M,T,W,R, F check... that was when I was in college or med school pre-children era.

With my three little bears and chores, I am lucky when I plan what I wear the next day. Instead of planning my outfits for the week, I still make sure I know what I am wearing the next day.

Reason is I end up wasting time in the morning if I do not plan ahead.  My morning prep time is very precious! I cannot waste a second or minute.  

When I do not plan ahead, I almost always waste time the morning of -- looking at tops and bottoms and shoes and accessories! 

Express top // Express tank // Jcrew skirt (thrifted) // Naturalizer booties

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girl talk {all about Isabel}

Me: I would totally wear your outfit, if they make big sizes.
Isabel: no mummy, no.... you're not a kid. you're a mommy.

And if I think I am immune from her imitating me, I am so wrong.
patience, mummy patience...
slow down mummy, slow down.
Same voice, same tone I use

Helping me stamp her invites
Isabel: I love my birthday party.
Stamps were all crooked and angled funny. Derrick said "there's an added flare".

Me: what did you make Isabel?
Isabel: I gwuued heart, heart, heart, flower, die-mond...
Don't mess it mommy. Mrs. (preschool teacher's name) is fweak out.
Isabel: She is going to freak out?
Isabel: yeah. fweak out.

She agreed to have her photo taken only if she could hold her precious princesses.

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blessed and spoiled {wiws}


I am a mama of these cute babies.
They may have their moments of screaming and crying ( I have a video of all three children screaming at the top of their lungs -- debating when and if I should post it..... ha)


Derrick took the crew for his second Mass this weekend. He served last night as usher and I was at a social function for work. I do not blame him for not bringing all three kids while doing his usher duties.

More reasons that I am spoiled.

This purse/clutch ~ my anniversary present

These boots ~ my then new-husband got me during our honeymoon

I had to cover up my tissue lace tank with a cardi. I wish you could see the back. The lace is as beautiful as its hem.

Kohl's Cardi (similar) // Anthropologie tank // Skirt from Hautelook // Zara boots (similar) // Tory Burch purse

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his father's son

Daniel is growing up to be like his dad.. same smile... same body habitus...
He also gives play by play commentary of football plays.
He boos when he hears/sees Seahawks.

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worst halloween evah

Why oh why was it cold again and raining this year for Halloween?

I was as devastated as the children when they did not  haul loads and loads of chocolate. not that I was going to eat them all. i knew that the children have been so excited for this nigt. 

The story behind the ninja costume:
this costume has given me hypertension. First when Derrick got it at costco for $25. Then another spike in my BP when Daniel refused to wear it for his brother's birthday. Then a repeat on Halloween when he refused to wear it again.

Daniel did wear the ninja costume and he pouted when I asked to take his pictures. 
This was the only one I got of him.

So we had to have plan B. It was a rainy 35F night. I called three chick-fil-A's in the city. Finally found one that was having a fall family festival from 4p-7p. I came home at 5p from work and had the children ready. We waited for Derrick who arrived close to 6p (arrrggghhh). we finally arrived at Chick-fil-A after trying to pump air on my tire (almost flat tire that I have been driving x 3 days). Derrick saw its state and said: we have to do it tonight.... so we inflated the tire... actually, he tried to inflate tire. The stupid air machine thingy took 50c from him and the tire was still flat.

15 minutes later at the gas station with the stupid air machine, we arrived at Chick-fil-A. The dining room was empty except for a mom with her two preschoolers and a man eating a chicken sandwich. Mr. mascot was GONE! no balloons, no treats, no nothing!

At that point, it was dark and even colder. The children ALL fell asleep. Derrick drove us home. I was still upset. 

Derrick said: you snooze, you loose. when the children woke up, he rubbed it in and told them: they missed Halloween. our savior was Uncle K. He visited us second year in a row and brought candy bars for the children.

The silver lining that night: I have these pictures of Isabel with her "queen" costume.. She's not a princess, she said. She is a queen.

How appropriate since she is named after Queen Isabel of Portugal.

I don't even have a picture of Sebastian. (gasp!)
 I posted one taken by my mom on my instagram feed.
Lola to the rescue.

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annual pumpkin patch trip {photo diary}

We went to this patch 3 years ago. I was 8 months pregnant with isabel and rode the hayride. I was afraid I was going into labor because of the bumpy ride.

There's always something that the children love playing at these type of palces. This year, it was the catch the bull and the see-saw. I loved the see-saw when I was young.  in fact, I still like the see-saw.

on me: North Face fleece // ripped thrifted jeans (similar) // Hunter boots (thrifted)
on my mini-me:  babyGap denim top // BabyGap tights // Hello Kitty rain boots (gift)

Manipulating that rope is harder than it looks!

Also, now we know when to go to the patch -- close to closing time and after naps. It was a Sunday close to closing time and it was not packed. The children did not have to wait for their turn to try different stations.

It was a fun couple hours with family and friends.

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tunic + leggings and I've got my hands full

I brought the children to the post office to drop off a few packages. I was pretty much waiting for somebody (anybody) to tell me I have my hands full. What was I thinking going during lunchtime anyway? bad rookie move. It would have been a quick drop off if I just took the children half an hour earlier.

nobody was hurt. sebastian stood on the stroller (aaaah!) I saved him before he face planted.

The winner was Mr. postman:
"you've got your hands full."

oh yes was my reply.

It's leggings season again. These babies are so forgiving. None of my pants fit. (boo) I will be wearing a lot of skirts, tights, leggings, dresses this winter.

Tunic, thrifted // Leggings // Minnetonka Boots

Bellie's outfit: purple top, HMD // Old Navy skinnies // Toms

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