Weekly menu 9.30.13

//What the D-crew will be feasting on this week//

Sunday: Rotisserie chicken from Costco

Monday: Chicken salad sandwich using left over chicken. Instead of croissants, we are eating the sandwich with my kids' favorite Hawaiian rolls. we eat them as an open faced sandwich with the hawaiian rolls cut in half. i also recommend using less of the dry ranch packet ~~ maybe 1/4-1/3 of the packet. It's too much flavor for me and maybe even salty.I also eat the leftovers with greens/salad instead of rolls for lunch the next day.

Tuesday: crockpot beef carnitas tacos

Wednesday: Pork Menudo ~ Filipino dish (not to be mistaken with the Mexican menudo). I'm skipping the liver ingredient. I'm never a fan of liver.

Thursday: meatloaf

Friday: I'm thinking going out to get sushi to celebrate Sebastian's one month birthday. Just looking for a good reason to eat sushi!

Saturday: barbecue pulled chicken

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Polka dots, blue & booties {wiws, Sunday style}

We went to Saturday anticipation Mass {the usual!} so I am sharing my ootd/wiws early.

We braved Panera for breakfast-turned-lunch because we just missed b-fast when we got there at 11a. Kids still got their bagel but hubs and I had U-pick-2 lunch. And another courageous feat to go to Costco {on a Saturday!} but that's how we roll here. There's tons of Christmas toys already being sold at Costco. I'm trying to contain myself because my kids have Lotsssss of toys already! Plus we have Lolo's and Lola's who spoil them tons. We are gonna be cheap parents and not buy them toys for Christmas. We will stick with the essentials -- like undies and diapers! Cool, cheap parents in the house! Yo!

Now to what we wore for church:

Ootd details:
Top: banana republic. I like the cowl neck
Skirt: Rock port via kohls, also seen here
Booties: Zara. Also seen here and here.

^^i say pose! they stand in line.^^

Kids' outfits:
Isabel: dress by izod via zulily, canvas flats again via zulily
Daniel: old navy top and target shorts (not even visible)
Sebastian: already in the car, ready for church.

Prayer request:
~ my son's TK class will join the rest of the school kids for weekly Mass on Thursday for the first time this school year. I hope he behaves. I want to attend daily Mass with him but will most likely sit "away" from him. He has to learn to behave and sit with his classmates. It's at 8:15a. I hope I can go and be ready with a newborn.

Happy Sunday, rest day, family day, football day to all!

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7 things about my newborn {7QT}

It's all about my Sebastian for this 7qt post. Because what else to write when I'm at home, with a newborn.

1. Drowsy smile
Sebastian doesn't give us a social smile yet. But when you see him smile either symmetric or crooked like Stallone or Elvis ~ it's because he's in stage 1 sleep or he's drowsy. It's so cute.

2. Mr. Quiet
He loves to furrow his eyebrows. He looks so serious all the time. When he does his business, he also stops nursing and he is very quiet until you hear a loud "proooooottt" {I don't really know how to write the sound of a diaper explosion}
Then he will resume eating like nothing happened.

^^whadya doing, mummy?^^

3. Likes it all
We are thankful that he is not picky (yet). He likes it all. He sleeps on his cosleeper, his bouncer and his swing. He also likes the car seat for napping when we go for our morning strolls or trips to Target or the library.

4. I've got a Spell on you
He has something on his sibs. They are so in love with him! He already has a stuffy nose (poor baby) because Isabel kisses him right on his lips. She was sick last week with a cold and fever. She infected me -- better be me, huh? Sebastian, thank goodness, does not have a fever with his little nasal congestion. Let's keep it that way, buddy. No fevers!

Sebastian is a good baby. When I say good, he only cries when he truly, truly needs something. Like what I said, he's a serious baby otherwise. He cries when he's hungry, wet, tired and just want to be held. He's so far, what I would say, an easy baby. Kinda like Daniel.

6. I'm awake, so let's play
Oh, he loves to play at midnight or 2 am or 4 am! It started at 10p to midnight before. Now he is slowly moving that awake time to early morning. I'm hoping pretty soon, his awake time will be when the sun is up!
He is wide awake, with eyes wide open (squinty eyes) and just looks at us. Uh-huh, he wants to play. Do we give in? Sometimes, yes.. Sometimes, we just look at each other while I hope and pray he goes back to sleep.

7. I don't like it
Sebastian makes this grunting sound when I'm repositioning him or trying to relatch him when nursing. He doesn't like it! He's only 3 weeks old but he lets me know when he does not like something!

^^just pick me up. Come on now!^^

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Stay at home mom {my maternity leave}

I like lists. I could have made a table to compare and contrast but I don't want to turn on my super old laptop to create an excel spreadsheet. So let's stick with bullet points and dashes as I write my experience as a stay-at-home mom aka maternity leave.

It's amazing {and funny!} when I explain to employers why I'm finishing in January 2014 instead of July 2013. It's taking me 5 1/2 years to finish my child neurology training instead of 5 years because of 3(!!!) maternity leaves. Derrick and I knew we wanted to start our family while I'm in training. But THREE kids during residency (whoo!) we didn't plan that. Just shows that even though I'm a planner, God is still in control!

D = Daniel, I = Isabel , S = Sebastian

Weeks of leave
D ~ 14 (!) weeks
The Peds chiefs couldn't find a rotation for me that I can come back mid- month so they asked if I'm ok extending my leave. And I said yesssss! We did not have kids in daycare then, plus we had savings so we were able to afford only one income and 8 unpaid weeks. Yikes.
I ~ 10 weeks
S ~ looking like it will be 9 weeks. Plan was to come back at 8 weeks but with interviews lined up, looking like 9 weeks this time.

D ~ summer
I ~ winter
S ~ autumn
{do I hear spring baby next?!}

Sahm vs wohm?
D ~ sahm! I did not want to go back to work! At all!
I ~ wohm..... Isabel was a little fussy baby. I was about to loose my mind with cabin fever because of the winter cold. I could not wait to go back to work.
S ~ enjoying sahm experience. My baby is 3 weeks old and I'm loving my leave. Let's just see by 9 weeks if I'm ready to be a wohm.

**sahm = stay at home mom; wohm = work outside of home mom

D ~ summer sun does wonders. I had the baby blues early on but not postpartum depression till I went back to work! I missed Daniel so so much. It was also the h1N1 season then and visitors weren't allowed to the hospital. I was a mess because I could not see Daniel when i was on call. My first day back at work I was also on call - brutal! I was a MESS! I was away from Daniel for 30 hours :(
I ~ depressed. The wintertime is not good for postpartum moms, at least not the season for me. Isabel and I were stuck inside. No trips to the library, mall or store. It was cold!
S ~ so far so good. Summer/fall temps are nice to us.

Paternity leave
D ~ 4 weeks. We were first time parents. I did not know what i was doing. So thankful derrick stayed for a month with me and Daniel.
I ~ 2 weeks
S ~ 1.5 week

D ~ walking at a week, mild Zumba (is there such a thing?) at 2-3 weeks. Yup, i was a go-getter then.
I ~ no walks! no Zumba. No nothing. My fault for not having the happy hormones during winter time.
S ~ walking at a week and half. So far, almost daily walks with Sebastian and Isabel. I'm thinking of starting this workout at 4 weeks.

Daily routine (where I talk about bodily fluids)
D ~ he ate every 1.5-2 hours! Hungry baby! He took his lovely time too. He had stools with every single feeding.
I ~ she's my barracuda feeder. She's efficient and nursed for 5-7 minutes per breast. She stooled every 5-7 days!
S ~ he nursed a lot even at day 1 of life. He stretches his feedings to every 3-4 hours but when he eats, he nurses for 1-2 hours, switching side to side to side. he cluster feeds but then will give me a stretch of 3 hours of sleep.

D ~ I remember going to the mall with Daniel. He was crying in the stroller while I was trying on shorts at banana rep. I was one of those nursing in public ~ with a nursing cover! We also went to weekly breastfeeding support groups and mother connection group (mommy and me group).
I ~ nope, nada. No trips.
S ~ we went for sushi after his one week well child check. But no trips to the mall yet. Just at target times three. If we are lucky and stars align, maybe Costco this weekend.

Borrow a DVD
D ~ Criminal minds. I watched all 3 seasons.
I ~ Bones. Watched almost all 5(?) seasons.
S ~ Rookie blue. Done with season one. Season two waiting for me at the library.

I've got a thing for gory, bloody shows and cops postpartum apparently. David boreanaz? Hello?

Anything special
D ~ we went to a friend's wedding at 6 weeks. It was an intimate table of 8 and I remember nursing Daniel all night long.
I ~ we went to the Super Bowl village a week before going back to work. I guess we did venture outside.
S ~ depending on the schedule, we are going for interviews with possible plane rides.

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Weekly menu 9.23.13

Hello, hello.
Time to post this week's menu plan.

Sunday: Baked salmon, with cream cheese sauce**.
Thanks to my MIL who brought sinigang, Afritada and pinakbet.
It will be a Filipino leftover Buffett this week!

Monday: Bistek ~~ a Filipino dish, variation of this recipe

Tuesday: left overs

Wednesday: Grilled pork chops, sesame ginger marinade. I use pork chops instead of pork tenderloin.

Thursday: Shrimp and rice casserole

Friday: take out - I'm still craving the deep dish pizza from union jacks.

Saturday: Beef Burgundy, from Sandra Lee's semi homemade cookbook.

To bake: update
Our bananas are super ripe with tons of brown spots.
I am making these babies instead... Thanks to my sister for sharing!

Maybe next time for this:
banana bread

**recipe for baked salmon
1. Place the salmon fillets {~1 lb or so} in a shallow baking dish. Place 1/2 tbsp butter on top of each fillet. Add lemon juice 1-3 tbsp depending on how many fillets you have. Sprinkle dill weed on top of fillets.
2. Bake in the preheated oven at 375F for 20-25 minutes.
3. While fish is baking, Combine 4 tbsp cream cheese, 3 tablespoons lemon juice, or to taste, 1 tbsp dill weed in a small bowl. Microwave for 1 min and 20 seconds. Mix well to combine.
4. Once salmon is done, spoon cream cheese sauce on salmon.

Check organizing junkie for more weekly menus.
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Animal print & wedges {wiws, Sunday style}

^^is this an animal print top? I thought so when I got it. But now I look at it on these photos and I'm not sure if it's an animal print. Any ideas?^^

Details of the ensemble:
Top ~ express | skirt ~ jcrew factory | wedges that gave me extra 5 inches of height ~
Korks by kork-ease

Mass behaviors:
D ~ B {this little guy went through my baby bag, found the animal crackers, ate some, spit some on the floor and squished them!}
Maybe I'm generous giving him a B.
I ~ A {my little princess is sick. I snuggled with her for the entire Mass}
S ~ {slept, slept, slept}

We have been going for walks almost daily. Thanks to the nice autumn weather. {happy first day of Fall!}

Few Picts from our walks this weekend.

^^saturday walk: Starbucks trip^^

^^lil D riding his bike down B-rip. The bars are closed. Duh^^

^^our fam ready for the Sunday brawl. 4 against 1. Colts vs 49ers!}

Prayer request:
- Isabel has a cold/runny nose. Then a fever Friday night and Saturday. I have a low grade fever myself. I just pray that the rest of the fam specially Sebastian won't get sick. I'm ok getting sick so I can give antibodies to my newborn. I just don't want him to get febrile. I know what they'll have to do with neonates with fever -- the works! Blood, urine, spinal fluid samples need to be obtained!

- also pray with me. St. Therese, little flower, novena starts today.

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House divided, menu planning, my kids {7 quick takes}

1. Menu planning
I've read tons of post regarding benefits of menu planning. I'm a planner ~~ a big organizer. I've planned menus before. This time around, I've joined a link-up. Hopefully, sharing online will keep the momentum going.
Since I'm on leave, I've been cooking up a storm. Hubs is very thankful. He has a homecooked meal when he gets home from work, yummy leftovers for lunch next day.
But like what I wrote before, I think it's a lot of meat on my menu...... I ate salad and mashed potatoes for dinner and skipped the roast. Too much, I tell ya.

Miss Isabel stayed home with me for 3 days this week. The other days, she is with Lolo or Lola. She read the books about toddlerhood and how to make your momma crazy. A lot of parents say: it starts now and continues till teenage years. Great....

3. Salad in a jar
Thanks to this post, my eyes were open to this way of packing salad. I love salads for work lunch but always end up getting tired of making my salad every. Single. Night.
Now I can make my salad for the entire week. It will stay fresh in the jar. Best of all, I just grab it in the morning and drive to work!

^^yummy! Fresh mozzarella is so good. I tested freshness by packing two for me to eat for the rest of the week. Hubs got two {only one shown here, right}. He says, it's a winner.^^

^^bottom-to-top: my own vinaigrette dressing ~~ evoo + balsamic vinegar | carrots | dried cranberries | dried fruit | walnuts | fresh mozzarella | lettuce ^^

4. Phone addiction
This Post by Martha is so convicting. I, too, am a phone addict. Hubs complains about it. It's time to wean myself from the phone. My kids are only young once.

5. Big big football Sunday.
House divided. It's the colts vs San Fran game. Hubs has been waiting for this since last season! he will be wearing his 49er jersey. D, I, S and momma are gonna wear Colts blue.

6. Daniel's report card
So proud of my boy. His report marks are all across the board. His work habits are mainly meet expectations and progressing. He is honest, trustworthy, and caring. He only has a couple with needs improvement. Wanna take a guess which social skill he needs improvement on?
Starts with L ends with G. ~~ Listening....
Following rules and practicing self-control.

7. Pictures I'm sharing

^^Missy D is not napping^^

^^Daniel says Sebastian's hairstyle is funny. He did not like the after bath Mohawk I gave his baby brother^^

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Kids' faves {Five favorites}

Here's what my kids are loving these days.

1. Books
I'm so thankful my firstborn loves {loves!} books! His love for books rubs off on his little sister. Here's what they're enjoying right now.

Book from the transitional kindergarten book list. Derrick raps/sings the words of the book.

Anything Dora


2. These Popsicles from Costco.
Daniel asks for the strawberry. Isabel asks for the lime {yes, lime}. I get the pineapple.


3. Light saber
Thanks to my dear friend SJ {same initials as baby d3}. It's Daniel's bday present.
It makes a buzzing sound. It lights up, red in this case. It makes a sound and lights flicker when touched or hit. Like a "real" light saber. Real as in the movies.


4. Baby Stella
We gave Isabel this doll as her Christmas present. She carries her around and takes care of her ~~ like how I take care and feed Sebastian.


5. My newborn's fave
Besides snuggles and kisses, mummy's milk is at the very top of Sebastian's fave things as a newborn!
To prepare practicing with the bottle, I pumped already last week. He slept for 4 hours {!!!} and I was getting uncomfortable. So I expressed milk!
I freeze my breast milk and save them using these bags from lansinoh. They've worked well for my other two.

Shout out to my mom who gave us her stand alone freezer. When I'm pumping, my milk bank usually lakes over 1/2 of our freezer in our kitchen. Where am I gonna put our freezer meals and Popsicles and ice cream? Solution: extra freezer. We are officially a big Filipino family. Extra freezer in the D-house!


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  • 9.17.2013

    Power struggle ~~ what toddlers wanna control

    It's the stage when toddlers wanna control what they can control.
    Dressing themselves: which top or jeans or dress, what color, when they wanna be dressed, if they wanna postpone getting ready for an hour and run around naked.

    Music: and it's not like they request baby Einstein or something. If they hear a top 40 song but not to their liking, they'll whine and whine and say "NO" repeatedly.

    Food: we all know about picky eating during the toddler years
    After threatening to leave Isabel naked, she finally let me dress her and fix her hair. We were out the door by 9:45a. After our morning walk, I bribed her for some Dora videos when she won't go back inside and threw a tantrum.

    Let me not paint a bad picture of my toddler. She's so sweet and such a helper. She hands me Sebastian's diaper, petroleum jelly and wipes during diaper changes. She gave Sebastian tons and tons of kisses today. If I'm in the bathroom, she yells "out, out" telling me Sebastian wants to be picked up when he fusses. She also napped for 2.5 hours. She kept her brother company when I prepped dinner.

    Overall, this day gets an A.
    I've accepted the power struggles with toddlers. There are only few things they can control. Ill just have to be patient.

    Some other important things today:
    It's my due date today!

    Derrick is back at work~~~ just a Lil tidbit here. He was off for 4 weeks when Daniel was born. Then 2 weeks for Isabel. Now 12 days for Sebastian. He would have stayed home longer but we both know he needs to keep his paid time off so when I'm back at work and kids get sick for example, he has a better chance at taking off versus me.

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    Weekly menu 9.16.13

    I love to cook. Which is a total shocker to my relatives in the Philippines. It's no secret I don't like chores, which they assumed includes cooking. I'm the kid who just read and read when I was young instead of playing outside. My reasoning was I did not want to get dirty {our yard is basically dirt, soil not covered with grass like here in the US} And of course, I love books and reading.

    Sooooo.... When my then new husband mentioned to my family that he loves my cooking, my uncle exclaimed: Isis? Really? Isis can cook?

    Yeah,yeah. I did not do any sort of cooking growing up. I know how to make rice on the rice cooker and that's pretty much it. Most of my Cooking experiences started when I was halfway through college and mostly during med school. That was a plus for Derrick. We started dating when I was in medical school. And the saying was true for him. The way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

    My aversion towards cooking raw meat during pregnancy did not help our family budget, eating out and commitment to healthy eating. Hubs had to cook my crockpot recipes that I froze ~~ when I'm gone~~ just so I won't be nauseated with the sight and smell of raw meat and food cooking in the crockpot or the stove.

    Now that I'm postpartum, there's a big shift on my hormones. I'm back to tolerating, touching and seeing raw meat. And I'm back to looking at food blogs for easy family recipes. My hubs is very grateful.

    So linking up with organization junkie for Menu plan Monday, here's my weekly menu:

    This week:
    Sunday: Crockpot pork and apples

    Monday: Chicken adobo ~ Filipino style. Variation of this recipe

    Tuesday: Baked meatballs, variation of this recipe. I realized we didn't have BBQ sauce when I was freezing the meatballs. I made my own raspberry glaze... So it's raspberry glazed meatballs instead of sweet and sour.

    Wednesday: left overs, Popsicle and ice cream social at my TK's school

    Thursday: Easy slow cooker pot roast from the Costco cookbook 2012 {so easy: ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, beef broth}

    Friday: take out? Maybe sushi!

    Saturday: Brown sugar chicken wings

    Last week:
    Sunday: left overs from friends visting

    Monday: Spaghetti with Italian sausage

    Tuesday: Chicken and rice Alfredo casserole, use the left over rotisserie chicken
    Pancit {filipino dish} for lunch

    Wednesday: slow cooker Bourbon chicken, sautéed green beans in evoo sprinkled with garlic salt

    Thursday: Grilled Korean beef barbecue, from Sandra lee's 20 minute semi homemade meals

    Friday: Union Jack pizza, I was craving the deep dish with basil and sundried tomatoes

    Saturday: our usual Taiwan teahouse after Mass dinner

    Our family eats a lot of meat. I'm trying to change that.... Hubs love meat though and since my kids are so picky I make sure they have a protein/meat entree daily ~~~ and it ends up being dinner. I'm ok not having meat everyday. Some days I do cook dinner but end up eating salad. I eat my salads for lunch. When I made them bourbon chicken, I could not stand the smell of the chicken so i just ate rice and the sautéed green beans. But I'll still make it because hubs likes it and my kiddos ate it! That's a winner recipe though I cannot stand the smell.

    Next week, ill share my experience with salad in a jar... This is test week. My guinea pig: hubs. His first day back at work, after hanging out with me and the babies, is tomorrow. I already miss him.

    I'm gonna nap now, before I make dinner........


    What's in a name?

    I'm a planner. Families, friends, coworkers know that I over prepare! Way in advance.

    I've had names picked out for my kids way before I got married. But even likes and especially my plans change. I've picked and tossed names, change combination of first and middle names or alter everything. One good reason is that hubs get to choose one of the names then we decide on the combination together.

    He picked Daniel. I chose Isaac.
    I picked Isabel. He chose Francesca.

    For our newest baby boy, would you guess which one i chose/he chose?

    I've always loved the name Sebastian. It's quite long but very old and traditional. It's Latin. So, yes, it smells old.

    Derrick toyed with tons of middle names. Until we both agreed on James.

    So I chose Sebastian. He chose James.

    Our criteria for our children's names:
    - must be biblical or after a saint
    - as much as we can, must start with D, L, S or I. {would you guess why?}

    Baby D3 has {what i boastly said} power names.

    St. Sebastian, martyr
    He is the patron saint of athletes, soldiers, archers and EMG-ers {neurologists who perform the needle and shocking test checking for neuromuscular problems, nerve only problems etc}
    He was a soldier in the Roman army and was responsible for the conversion of many Roman pagans, the prefect of Rome, a jailer, a man in charge of the prisoners and his wife just to name a few.
    He is commonly depicted in art as tied to a tree with tons of arrows piercing his body. Yet he didn't die from these arrows. He became a witness for Christ when he was beaten to death per emperor Diocletian's orders.
    His Feastday is January 20th.

    St. James the Greater, apostle
    He is the patron saint of laborers, veterinarians and pharmacists. He is the patron saint of Spain.
    He was one of the 3 apostles who witnessed both the transfiguration and agony in the garden. From tradition, he was the first apostle to be martyred.

    I especially love this passage from EWTN. James is called Greater because he received the grace of the apostolate earlier, so he is called Greater because he was earlier summoned to the glory of eternity.
    His feastday is July 25th.

    Prayer from catholic.org
    Saint James, pray for us that we may be willing to leave everything to follow Jesus as you did. Help us to become special friends of Jesus as you were. Amen.

    Meaning of Isabel's name

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    Brown on brown and more brown {wiws, Sunday style}

    Do you think it's a lil much to wear a mini skirt 10 days post delivery? Hmmmm....

    We had our family pictures and Sebastian's newborn Picts done this morning {can't wait to see my friend's work} there's no way I'm sporting an all white dress all day with a newborn. We had an all white theme. Now that's premature and too soon! So instead of white for Mass, I went brown on brown and more brown.

    What I wore.
    Top: express | mini skirt: banana republic, thrifted | my new leopard suede booties: Mia via 6pm | purse: my splash of color and baby bag from segolene Paris.

    Mass behaviors.
    Daniel: A
    Isabel: B
    Sebastian: A

    Overall, kids were great on our first Mass as a family of five.

    Daniel had a nosebleed..... Isabel called mummy, daddy over and over and over again though we are a few inches away from her. Sebastian slept through the entire Mass.
    We survived an hour and didn't have to take a child at the back of the church. I say that's an achievement. And it's all my kids' work. I don't take credit for their awesome behavior.

    Link up party: wiws at FLAP, Sunday style @ plane pretty

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    Newbon look-a-likes, more favorites, postpartum care {7qt Friday}

    1. My kids do not look like me! They all look alike. Their Genotype is half mine, half derrick's. But they're phenotype is all Derrick! Or phenotypic facial features at least.

    2. Birth story up and published. check it out.
    How about our first trip outside? Sebastian had his well child check, then I had a lovely lunch date with hubs {and sleeping baby} for some sushi.

    3. More faves that I couldn't fit in my five faves post {I realized that I posted my boppy twice now on my five faves posts}
    I heart our co-sleeper.

    4. I heart this tote from Vera Bradley. I use it to carry necessary things all over the house. What's in it? My lanolin ointment, my phone, iPad, extra clothes for Sebastian when he has an explosion, burp clothes, sanitary pads, nursing pads, lip gloss, my phone charger, my prenatal vitamins, colace and ibuprofen. I use the tote so that all things are within reach which is extremely helpful when I'm breastfeeding.

    5. Epifoam, ice packs and hospital grade anesthetic spray and other meds
    The sprays and ice packs are so helpful for my sore, inflamed bottom.
    I'm still using NSAIDs pretty much scheduled instead of as needed. I'm thankful for the hormone oxytocin that is released when I'm nursing because it helps shrink my uterus to it's pre-pregnancy size. But the cramping, oh my, cramping hurts.

    One thing i liked this time around was start taking colace, a Stool softener, right after delivery. I'm so scared to strain because of the stitches. Colace help soften stool and relieve some of my anxiety.

    6. Birthplan
    I had one for Daniel's birth. It wasn't as extensive and comprehensive as this example. I just told my OB and nursing staff my wishes for baby D2 and baby D3's births. Good thing the hospital I picked for delivery already has a no pacifier rule unless moms ask for it and nurses ask breast vs bottle {I chose breast} as part of their history taking.

    7. Textbooks
    Not for reading yet... But soon enough when I'm not sleeping 4-5 hours of interrupted sleep, ill crack a textbook open. I use two thick, heavy textbooks as my foot stool when I'm nursing. Just in case you're wondering, I'm using these textbooks.

    Both have ~950 pages each.
    Maybe osmosis will work through my feet and ill absorb everything in the book to pass the Neuro boards? {I have aicardi textbook next to me. I just didn't want to rest my feet on it. I still got some respect}
    Linking up with Jennifer at conversion diary.

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