Finishing residency, momnipotence {7qt}

1. Biggest news
I officially finished residency at 6:45p yesterday. I signed out my last patient as a resident. I turned in my pager.

It's a been a long road.
I made it.
God is good.

2. What am I to do with my first real paycheck? I want to treat myself.
As in an expensive treat.  So far, it's not gonna fly with the chief financial officer of the household. We have med school loans to pay! Yuck!

But I'm dreaming of this:

Or maybe this:

What do you think?

3. New obsession
Thanks to shalice, I'm so crazy about distressed jeans. She pairs them so well with blazers, statement necklaces and her Louis Vuitton. Since I am now part-time (yippee!) I have days off that I can be more casual.  What ended up happening in the past was I dress 'down' on the weekends like at Mass ~~ when in fact, I should be dressing 'up' for God.

So now I've got a couple of days to wear my distressed jeans. As I go grocery shopping, pick up my preschooler, clean spit-ups etc.

4. Cake
Thanks to my coworkers. I received two cakes baked by two neurologists. So so sweet! I was touched. I had a great last clinic as a resident. And good thing my patients like me. They want to stay with me and see me in my own clinic.

The nurses also congratulated me and looked at me fondly. Their resident is growing up!

Pretty much the entire hospital knew it was my last day yesterday. As the different teams called me for consults or asked me for updates, they asked when I was officially done with training.

^^my favorite stairwell at the hospital ^^

^^because I see the outside world and some sunlight.

^^yep, I was there ^^

5. I also celebrated dinner with my family at my favorite sushi place. I brought friends there for my bday, after finishing step 1 of the usmle boards. That was 7 years ago! Crazy! It's truly been a long journey.

And it's not over.
I signed up for continuing medical education as a physician. It's my duty to my patients and to myself to keep learning and use evidence based medicine.

6. Momnipotence
If you haven't signed up for these daily emails and discussions, do it now! It will change how you look at your vocation as a wife and mother.

7. Picture I am sharing.

Embracing mommyhood today. Let's be real.
I didn't dress up.
No make up.
Didn't fix hair.
Changed diapers.

I lurv it!

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Comfort food on my last day as a resident

Oh on my last day of residency, I blog again.

Sharing this yummy recipe that I made while pulling an almost all-nighter (oops) to finish a presentation. In residency, there's no slacking off allowed. I presented noon conference the day before, had my last continuity clinic on my last day, and worked until 7p seeing kids at the ER. I almost missed my own party!

I expected a long day for my last day.
I should never finish without a BANG!

Now off to the yummiest, comfort food that received 2 thumbs up from my food critic.

1 lb of frozen or thawed chicken breast.
Chopped celery - I didn't even measure how much. Maybe 1.5 c?
Chopped carrots - I love tons of veges in my soup so I added more than what's asked in most recipes. Maybe 1.5-2cups?
Small onion - diced
2 cans of cream of chicken, low fat....Or if you have 1 can of cream of celery and one can of cream of chicken, go for it :)
Pepper (I omitted salt and it was perfect for us)

In the crockpot, place veges first, then chicken (actually it doesn't even matter what order.) A med school friend who loves to cook told me veges first so the flavors rise up to the meat/top. Is that true?

Then I added the cans of cream of chicken. And added 2.5 cans of water. I used the cans for measurement. I didn't use chicken stock.

My soup is creamy. if you want it less creamy, then suggest adding more water.

Turn the slow cooker on high. Cook for 6 hours.

After 5 hours of cooking, you can shred or cut your chicken. They were so tender, I just used my wooden spoon. Then make your biscuits. I was going to use store bought biscuits but..... One bag is frozen biscuits. Nope not going to work. And refrigerated dough was placed in the freezer accidentally. Did I do that? Probably.

So I made my own dough using this recipe.
The next time I make this recipe, I think I'll add more milk. I like my dumplings light and fluffy.

And I ate it at 1:30a..... Because it was calling my name.

Hope you make it and enjoy it!

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The quickity takes ever

1. I am still alive.
Just working 11-12 hour days. And I'm not done yet as it is my black weekend (black weekend because I work both days) but I'm not on call.... So does this weekend make it a gray weekend?

^^i think Sebastian got it^^

2. And I had to deal with this:
Google dermatographia

3. Lucky bees were with their "stay at home for a day papa" for MLK day while wohm*** went to the hospital.
Look what greeted me after coming home close to 8p.

Wohm- work outside of home mom

4. Countdown
I may be working 11 days straight but my 11th day is my last day as a resident doctor! My first day off will be my first day post-training years.
Are you following me?

5. Another happy note
My gray weekend has a silver lining. I am taking the older two for a treat! Disney on ice on Sunday night. Sans daddy. Sans baby.

6. I try my best to distance myself from the sickness and things that I cannot control. However, I am postpartum, hormonal and nursing. I almost had a breakdown at work after seeing a cute kid so so so sick (sorry no details. I don't want get in trouble).
And that kid, I just wanted to cuddle him/her and tell him/her that he/she is loved.
I think ill do that tomorrow.
If I want to bawl hysterically, I'll definitely do that tomorrow.

7. My mom watched the kids today. I facetimed with them during one of my 'make lunch for Sebastian' breaks.
Usually I use those breaks to look at charts, dictate, call teams, update teams, check email etc etc. This afternoon ~~ I knew I needed a break. A real break.
So I gave myself a real treat and facetimed with my little ones.
Thanks for watching them, mom!

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Red & stripes {wiws}

I love tunic length sweaters with tights. With my in-between body (in between maternity clothes and regular clothes), I have a tough time matching up my outfits. I just end up wearing tights and long sweaters or tops.

This week's Mass outfit is no different.

Sweater ~ Macys
Cardi ~ kohls
Tights ~ a&f
Boots ~ hunter
Wellies socks ~ also hunter via hautelook.
Scarf ~ zulily

Mass grades:
Daniel ~ B
Isabel ~ B
Sebastian ~ scholars list. All
A's as usual

This Sunday's Gospel has the words of St. John the Baptist that we hear at every single Mass. “Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world..."

Happy Sunday to all.
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4 months old

Serious Sebastian is 4 months old. And he is not serious all the time. Not anymore.

He coos, giggles and laughs.
He loves to talk to his mummy, sibs and daddy.
He watches his ate and kuya play. With intense curiosity. Such interest. I won't be surprised that my next few updates will say something like: there he goes running around with his older siblings!

Well child check stats:
13 lbs 5 oz - 25th %tile
Length - 25-50th %tile

He reaches and swats toys.
He puts everything in his mouth. Toys. Shirt. Mummy's Hair. His hands.

Sleep is disrupted. He nursed less when he was sick with bronchiolitis. I produced less. I saw a drop in my production. Now that he is all better, he is nursing more. Trying to create a demand so supply increases. He wakes up at 11p, 130a, 330a, 530a to feed. I hope he goes back to previous sleeping routine. I felt better rested then.

^^photo sent by my mom when she babysat this past week. I love receiving phono updates!

Lola is so proud of you, Bastian. Look, you can hold your bottle!

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Polka dot and blue {wiws}

I resurface for a wiws post. Working at the inpatient side has taken a toll on my blogging. It didn't help that I was ready to post (on time!) a 7 quick takes post last Friday when I accidentally deleted my entry??! Yeah, true!

It was very obvious at Mass that I needed all the grace I can get.

Mass behaviors:
Daniel: F (tons of whining, no nap, not listening) even my patient husband couldn't tolerate D's behavior
Isabel: C (says no, screams, etc etc)
Sebastian: A (my angel)

My mistake on previous posts. I mentioned that the end of the Christmas season is epiphany. My mistake. How could I forget that the Baptism of The Lord marks the end of the Christmas season.

I wish I can keep the small tree lit up and decorated. It gives me joy during these dark wintry days.

Maybe I can keep it and replace the ornaments with hearts?

Top: urban outfitters || leggings: vs modal international || boots: hunter || necklace and earrings: thanks my high school bestie for the beautiful Christmas present xoxo

What I wore on feast of the baptism of The Lord last year

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What's cooking?

Bow tie chicken Alfredo ~ I used less butter. I didn't skimp on the white wine. We only have Riesling and moscato at home so I used the Riesling.

Shrimp scampi ~ a winner at home! Here's how I varied the recipe:
Used half the butter asked for and just a splash {~1 tbsp} of olive oil.
Angel hair is my favorite pasta. I found whole grain angel hair at the store and dinner was delish!

Baked tilapia ~ my own concoction: minced garlic, fresh tomatoes on top, basil, salt and pepper and drizzle of evoo and drizzle of balsamic vinegar. Cover tilapia and veggies {on top} with foil. Bake at 400C for 20 minutes until fish flakes easily with a fork.

Asian chicken noodle soup ~ very, very loosely followed the recipe. I'll be using rice noodles which is a thin noodle. It's also called vermicelli. Again, that's what I have at home. I also couldn't find bokchoy last weekend. The snowpocalyse scared a lot of Hoosiers and wiped out the produce, dairy and eggs section. I think ill used those French green beans from Costco.

Paleo Asian beef ribs recipe on the slow cooker

Lemon chicken ~ from my favorite Chinese cookbook

YOYO {you're on your own} I'll be at the hospital as it's my turn to see patients this coming weekend. Dinner will be at our regular after Mass place.

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Wise men adventures {day 20-24} and the {not so} grande finale.

For day 1
Days 2-8
Days 9-14
Days 15-19

Day 20
Day off..... Kids away

Day 21
No work, all play

Day 22
More play

Day 23
And more play

Day 24
And even more play

....... After battling viruses and not documenting the wise men's journey, it's the feast of epiphany.

Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar made it to Bethlehem to adore the king of all kings.

I want to do this again next year.

hr />
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Wise men adventures {day15-19}

Happy feast of the Epiphany and last day of the Christmas season. It's my favorite time of the year.

For day 1
Days 2-8
Days 9-14

Day 15
They're not with the aliens

Just resting on Isabel's bed

Day 16
All in a day's work

Day 17
Clean up, clean up

Day 18
Christmas Eve ~ wrong stable
Derrick's idea

Day 19
Christmas Day
Wedding day? They are so confused

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Frigid temps, 365 photos, flu season, breastfeeding and Colts blue {7qt}

1. unintentional blogging break.
There are tons of reasons why I haven't blogged since NYE. My blogpress app is acting up; I went back to work ; and the kids and I were sick for a few days. I worked on the three wisemen post for a few days ~ finally gave up when I realized the blogpress app won't cooperate. someday, someday I will post the wisemen's journey.

2. storm ion
8-13 inches of snow
air temps below 0
wind chills -30 to -55
What is going on???

I am fortunate I don't have to work this weekend when the blizzard plows through the midwest. Unfortunately the frigid air comes Monday. And yes, I have to cover the hospital.

Both our hospital and university already issued weather preparedness alerts and emails.
My plan to stay warm as a I travel to work:
~wear layers of loose clothing
~wear my astronaut looking snow shoes
~long johns and snow pants (over kill?)
~tank/cami, longsleeve shirt, cardigan/hoodie, down jacket (again? too much)
~I will bring extra blanket and clothes, at least 2 bottles of water, another pair of socks and undies (If I get stuck at work) and snacks
~ scarf, mittens, hat, gloves

3. 365 photos
My sister took 365 photos in 2012. She encouraged me to do it in 2013 but I did not commit until 11:58pm Dec 31, 2013 that I will do it this year.

Follow me on instagram where I will be posting my daily photos.
I wish to place my photos in a photo book once I've accomplished this challenge. It will be a fun photo diary, don't you think?

4. influenza season
I see a lot of influenza cases at work. And they are the worst of the worst. The flu A strain must not have been covered well in this year's vaccine. I know a few people who got it. And sadly, the ones who end up at the hospital are the ones who are immunocompromised (pregnant women, those with asthma, those with congenital disorders)
My children and I battled some viral illness. The children mainly had the cough. Derrick and I got the sore throat, headaches and myalgias (muscle aches)

5. Rough start
It was a rough end of 2013 and start of 2014 -- for me physically. Since Sebastian was sick, he was not latching well. He was nursing less. I had a plugged duct that did not go away. This progressed to full-blown mastitis. OUCH. Fevers and chills and bedridden for a couple of days equal NOT Awesome. I am happy to say I am way much improved. Thanks to antibiotics.

My take-home message for nursing moms:
i know it is hard to stop, rest and listen to your bodies -- but take a break. If there's a plugged duct, the best thing besides nurse, nurse, nurse is REST. I did not rest at all because it was the holidays. I felt a need that Christmas won't be Christmas if I don't continue our tradition. We did have a good Christmas. The after Christmas sickness was rough.

6. Blue weekend
It was a paint the town blue week here in Indy as the Colts host the Kansas City Chiefs for the wild card play off weekend.
I wore my blue all week. I just did not take photos of my outift! bummm.... but I took a pict of my tribal blue leggings!

7. Picture I am sharing

The loves of my life supporting our indianapolis colts!

Linking up my first 2014 post with Jen and the quick takers of the blog world!

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