my mama is here

My Mama is here. I am a lucky duck growing up. I have THREE mamas! My mommy (on the left), my mama Me-ann (my aunt, mom's sis) and my Mama Consing (my grandmother) who arrived two weeks ago.

She was my guardian for the first 16 years of my life since mom was away. Her last visit here was 5 years ago. She only had 2 great-grandkids. They were only 1 year old or younger. Now, she has 6!

Skype helps... but last week was the first time my grandma met Isabel and Sebastian. She fell instantly in love with Isabel! Look, they are holding hands already.

It will be a fun summer!

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  1. Inang said Isabel loves to play with the folds/extra skin/wrinkles on her hand when they sit together. I find it adorable.


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