Lucy @ 1 month {7qt}

1. She is plumping and getting some cute chubby cheeks. But she still looks like a Delima... Here I am still hoping she will somehow develop my features overnight -- or over a month. I don't give up.

2. at first I did not believe Derrick when he said she smiled at him. I said, she was just drowsy. But she did it twice with me and she was wide awake, She still cannot see far but I can tell she is more aware. She pays attention to my face and voice when I talk to her.

3. At her 1 mo WCC, her Stats:
weight 8 lbs 15 oz -exactly 2 lb weight gain from her birth weight
length - 21 inches
OFC - 36 inches

4. baby acne - Sebastian had this bad!
Lucy scratched her face during one of her crying spells. Just a few minutes later, she developed pink bumps where she scratched.

The rash is not evident on the picture below, but you can see the scratch. I'll spare you (and her future self) a photo of the bad rash.

5. onesie stickers - I got these on amazon. I did not do this with my other children. It's never too late, eh? if you don't like the chevron pattern, you can try the elephants or the cute bugs. Boys are not left out, no worries. you can choose from neckties to stripes.

6. Do you have a routine yet?
Just when I thought I might have figured her out -- she proves me wrong. Again, humility. When all 4 children are home, I DO NOT plan anything. I don't expect anything to get done. So low expectations mean low chance of disappointment. Then I amaze myself when I get stuff done.  My FIL has been generous this summer and continued his babysitting days though I am on leave and not going to the clinic. Those days, I just have Lucy. I plan my day. I write a mental list. I bring out my books, plan my chores, plan meals, try to cook! all those things go out the window.

Once she hit 4 weeks, the switch of awareness turned on. You know, when the newborn actually looks at you when she is awake those couple of hours? She actually looks for you (mom) when she just wants to be held? I even have trouble (more like I am just stressed!) leaving her fussing in the swing while I get my lunch ready. And this is not some fancy lunch! it's salad, blueberries and home-made dressing + microwave leftover porkchops for my protein.

My best time to read or get stuff done while sitting is actually holding her instead of leaving her in the swing/crib.

Any suggestions, mamas? I have 4 children but I still need help. Should I start wearing her now so I can get stuff done while up and about in the house? I only have a moby wrap. I was about to use it last week but I did not know her weight. Per pamphlet, recommended staring weight is 8lbs and heavier. (now I know her current weight)

The moby is thick during summertime. Any slings you mamas suggest?
I also have a babyBjorn... But i have always been afraid to carry my babies while I am cooking or prepping food specially with a knife. I have used it before while doing laundry. That reminded me of pregnancy and my big belly on the way, hitting the washer (!)

7. To compare (and believe) that all my children look THE SAME:
Daniel at 1 month old
Sebastian at 1 month old
(Sorry  Bellie, I have photos of you but I took a blogging hiatus when you were a baby)

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