Thank you for this nomination.... my Liebster nomination speech

Thank you Erika of stethoscopes,style&grace for nominating me for a Liebster award. Erika is a sweet, former-nurse-turned-student-doctor who aspires to be an Ob-Gyn all clad in j.crew loveliness. Her blog has been one of my regular reads.

Im all about these chain quizzes. I participated in these in grade school and early years of high school. {cheesy me!}


My 11 facts:
1. I can speak 2 languages {Filipino and English} and one dialect {kapampangan}. I want to add Spanish -- but I need tons of practice!
2. If I'm not a doctor, I'd wanna be a ballerina.... Or be Justin Timberlake's back-up dancer. I'm serious.
3. I started college at a young age of 17. I thought that'd be awesome and cool! Not! Culture shock + under-18 + homesickness = not-a-good combo.
I turned 21 right after I graduated college --- that was awesome!
4. Car trouble: I turned a very tight right turn after filling up at a gas station. I heard metal scraping against metal. Made eye contact with a lady in an SUV across another pump. I gave a weak smile; she was just plain flabbergasted. I went out to look at the damage and about almost passed out! I dented my beloved VW Bug's passenger side door all the way to the back with that yellow barricade thing placed to protect the pumps! {from weirdos like I me I supposed!}
Erika you're not the only one with a gas station story.....
5. My all-time fave author is Agatha Christie -queen of mystery! And my favorite series ever: Sweet valley high {and all the spin offs: SV Teen, SVU, SV senior year} and yes, I own the complete first season DVD! Be very jealous!
6. I love to travel. I married a guy who also loves to travel. We've been to 4 honeymoons! Paris and London{original honeymoon}, Boracay Philippines {2007}, Kauai Hawaii {med school grad 2008}, Cancun MX {2013}
7. I knew I wanted to be a doctor or a nun since I was five years old.
8. I had all-catholic schooling for 10 years. {no middle school in the Philippines} hence graduating young and starting college young. I hoped to go here or here. But I moved to the Indy after all applications turned in and no hopes for scholarships. God is awesome. He had a better plan for me. I stayed at home and went to IUPUI. School paid for my tuition. {yay to making the Scholars list} and I met my husband. Xoxo
9. I play the piano. I used to play the classics -- Bach, Beethoven, Chopin.... I'd say I peaked around highschool. College came, I was so determined to get into med school that playing and practicing were put on hold. Without much practice the motor area supplying my fingers and hands are not so well-wired anymore. But I did save my part time earnings waiting tables while in premed and bought a second-hand upright piano. I play it every now and then.
10. I love the Backstreet Boys. Theirs was the first concert I attended. When I was 18!
11. I offered up my first born to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. And Isabel is consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I've been praying for these kids even before they were born {or conceived}...

11 questions posted by Erika:
1. Best trip ever:
My honeymoon! My hubs took me to my dream vacation/honeymoon. France and England.
Paris, Versailles, London, Salisbury, Stonehenge
2. Favorite saint and why:
I have two: St. Clare. When I was young: I thought my calling is to be a Poor Clare. But God has instilled in me a more powerful wish: to be a mom. So my other Patron saint is St. Gianna.
Look at my banner below.
3. Fav recipe:
Tough one... Because I like a lot of recipes. Usually my go-to easy recipes since I'm a busy woman! {who's not? Right?}
Bistek recipe {Filipino dish}
Spicy beef in lettuce wraps {Chinese}
Spiced braised Beef with sweet potatoes {Slow cooker}
Zappa Tuscana {just like in Olive Garden}
Chicken tikka masala {Indian}
Shrimp and rice casserole
4. Your wedding colors and flowers:
Gold and maroon {my husband says SF 49ers colors} since it was a fall wedding. I would have gone crazy with pink if it's spring or summer!
Flowers: calla lilies for my bouquet and stargazers for my bridesmaids
5. Article of clothing that you can't live without:
Hmmm... I d say my camis
6. Favorite blog for your morning coffee read:
A lot: look at my blog roll on the right side
7. Polka dots or stripes?
Polka dots
I used to own a lot of polka dot clothes when I was younger. I gotta build my collection again.
8. Top favorite mass song:
I am the bread of life
Also sung at our wedding Mass during communion
9. If you could meet anyone, who would it be:
Prince William {even with his receding hairline? Asks my husband}
Fine, I said. Mother Teresa and princess Diana {if they were still alive}
10. Most essential beauty item:

11. Why you started blogging:
I wanted to share my life as a newlywed, then life as a resident physician who works 60+ hours {used to be 70-80} while making dinner for hubs and taking care of two lovelies Daniel & Isabel.

So now I'm tagging 11 fine bloggers:
I made an exception: she doesn't have <200 followers. {because she has more} I wanna bring my sister to the fun party!

Here are my 11 questions:
1. Favorite author
2. What would you be if you're not what you are right now?
3. Go-to work out video or exercise regimen
4. Most memorable vacation
5. Shabby chic or modern/contemporary?
6. Natural or epidural (even if you're not married I'm sure this has crossed your mind)
7. Your breakfast most of the days
8. If you'll be a Bible character, who will you be?
9. Singer or group you're obsessed with (maybe in the past) and embarrassed to admit so
10. Place you'd like to see (maybe even live)
11. What song describes your personality?

No pressure to all blogger friends I tagged above. I understand.... We are all busy and no pressure to participate. Have fun with the quiz!
Have a blessed week!


  1. Anonymous3/04/2013

    Aw, thanks Sarah! I got another Liebster nomination just recently and posted my answers today! Thanks for thinking of me. I enjoyed reading your post. I would love to reminisce with you about the boy band days. It was Hanson for me (I know, I know) . . .

  2. Thanks for thinking of me! I, too, just posted answers. I love your questions so I might answer them in another post. I'm a sucker for all those question and answer games or chain emails. :) All your travels sound awesome! I'd love to go back to Europe one day.

  3. Sarah, this is so sweet! Thank you for the nomination. I already responded to another, but I have to agree with my sista Laura in her above comment. I was a Hanson fan aaaaaaaaaalll the way!


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