Five Favorites - breast feeding edition

Here's my breastfeeding edition of Five Favorites.

If you're a breastfeeding mum, this is a must buy. Also helps when one is attached to the pump every 3-4 hours at work.

This one is a friend of mine. I am not as talented as other mothers with their cardigans and blankets. I have to have this apron-type of thing for nursing cover-up.
I have a blue one for Daniel and pink bright "look at me" cover when I nursed Isabel. So I guess, you could say I am not discrete when nursing.

Yes they are expensive. But worth it for working mums like me. Like what I said on #1, I was attached to my pump several times during the day. Even more when I worked those 30 hour shifts when I was nursing my firstborn. After two babies and one year of pumping for each one, my medela freestyle is still working.

Boppy pillows
This is not just super useful for nursing but also for propping babies for their daily photo op.

These bras are expensive but definitely my favorite out of all my nursing bras. They need replacements. They've served 30 months of nursing for two kiddos.

Now head over to Hallie's for other Five Faves to get away from all the "boobas" as my son calls them.


  1. When I had my first baby I wanted the Bobby with me at all times for nursing. Love it. And I wanted to buy Lanolin in bulk! Great list. :)

  2. Anonymous3/13/2013

    Have to agree that boppy pillows are amazing! Also, medela pumps are essential for working moms! With as much as I've used mine with two little ones, it has more than paid for itself and saved a ton of money!!

  3. "Boobas"! So cute!

    Thanks for the tips! This newest babe should be making his appearance in the next couple of weeks so I really appreciate the theme of your 5Fs! :)


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