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I have a guest blogger on this post. Thanks for joining me Lucy. You and your half-hair-down and half-pigtail hair. 
Is it just me or your kids end up taking their scrunchies off  0.782653 seconds after fixing their hair?

I am also breathing a sigh of relief. This weekend has been very much anticipated. It's like a deadline of sorts.

We had our house blessing Sunday. Thank you again to my mom and parents-in-law for making SO MUCH food. We were all fed very well. We had extended family over and a couple families from our church group. Children were running around everywhere. Thankfully, nobody got hurt. Nobody had big meltdowns or tantrums.

Wish I took photos of the house blessing. sigh. I did not. I was "in the moment" and did not take any photos besides blurry ones of the children waiting (im)patiently for the ice cream to thaw a little bit.

Casa disisd updates:
-- we finished our 3 bookshelves at the library. I unpacked and sorted most of the books and hubs finished the little trinkets and other boxes. We are so proud of what we accomplished since the day before the house blessing, there were ~10 large boxes of textbooks and binders and children's books; picture frames and memorabilia. On Sunday, the room was clean, box-free and presentable.
-- I do have other plans for the library. Make another bookshelf. Paint the study desk with chalkboard paint for the kids (still on the fence about this one). Build a storage bench for one corner where children can sit and read; or where I can sit and read.
--the closet which we thought we will finish first is not yet complete. Next step is sanding and painting the closet system. Then secure the smaller closet system on the other wall.

I want to share the beautiful prayer during the house blessing:

be close to your servants who move into this home and ask for your blessing.
Be their shelter when they are at home,
their companion when they are away,
and their welcome guest when they return.
And at last receive them into the dwelling place you have prepared for them in your Father's house, where you live for ever and ever. R. Amen.

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  1. Oh Lucy! Such a cutie - totally steals the show 😍 I'm glad the house blessing went well! Good luck with the other projects 😊

  2. What a cute guest blogger, and I love your shoes!
    The prayer from your house blessing is beautiful. Sounds like the entire experience was wonderful. :)

  3. Hey, remember when maxi skirts were dowdy and prudish, before they turned trendy? Maybe Lucy is a tiny trendsetter!

  4. lovely beautiful adorable are words which describe these images, but in my opinion you are more than these worlds, love them all and love to read the complete content.


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