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her novella birth story (part i, part ii, part iii)

Hubs said after my 39 + 3days OB appt ~ we are going to have 5 kids.
Me: not this week. 

Am i admitting defeat? 
I surrender, baby #5. You can come whenever you want. 

I was playing with my camera and these are a few "acceptable" photos. I salute those family/lifestyle photographers working with families and children. Taking photos of children is very, very tricky {understatement, I know}. I may like 2-3 faces but then one child is super blurry.

I have another group picture with my children sitting on the entrance steps. I took maybe 5-6 shots. I don't want to share any of them. Bastian was waving a leaf in front of his face. He was out of focus in all of the shots.

My older kids have made comments before that we have a big family... and how come I still want more babies... That saddened me for just a minute or so.

Then when they received the news that Baby #5 is joining them ~ they're so ecstatic.  They asked every gestational week "what fruit is the baby now, mommy?"

Since I have been nearing my due date -- they have been asking daily how many sleeps before the baby is born.

Baby D5 - you are LOVED! come out whenever you want. Mommy says you can take your time.

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