mom jeans

// mom jeans are for moms and non-moms too! //

mom jeans, ASOS, another style here
mocs, old but a fave!
LV speedy bandolouierre, also a mom-friendly classic
aztec cardi, old and so comfy, kohl's junior section
tank, another oldie, BR

// mocs galore //

When I was a size 0 (yikes, skinniest bec I was not eating and so stressed), I had  my most favorite jean from J. crew. It was the toothpick jean. I had no hips  ~ hello pre-baby body. I was basically a toothpick  without chest or hips. No curves. I justified the expensive jeans because I loved wearing them and they fit just right.  We have all been there. Finding the right fit. For a medial student budget, they WERE expensive. For a mom of 5,  though I am now an attending, those jeans were still expensive.

After having Daniel, I was so bummed to find out that the change in my body meant an unflattering fit with my fave jeans. Granted I went back to a size 0 (what?!) but  the distribution of curves/fat/muscle etc was different pre and post-Daniel.  My fave jeans were low rise.  They were not comfortable anymore.

I tried a few more low-rise jeans after baby 1 and 2. I was still on my late 20s.   Post-baby there was that time where I can wear them for a few weeks. But then I'd get pregnant  again and those jeans were put away... again. Never to be seen for another year and a half only to be worn for a few weeks until the next pregnancy.

It might have been around baby 3 that I finally bit the bullet with the "mom jeans." The great thing though, the high waisted and mid-rise style were coming back on-trend.

Now most of my jeans are mid-rise or high-waisted... and they are comfortable!
No wonder they are mom-jeans! I am not worried about showing my behind when picking up a toddler who's having a tantrum.

Since I am petite (but the petite jeans are "tinier" than what I would like fit-wise), I  buy regular length and regular-size jeans. The super high rise (like this one) are a bit too high for my liking. They were hitting my sternum!

The mid-rise jeans are just the perfect rise.  I add a little bit of rip here and there to make me look "cool" or so I think!

I do like rips though... so it does not really matter if I look cool or not.

Do you like mid-rise or high-rise jeans?
Do you like ripped jeans? Do you like darker wash for a more clean and classic look?

P.S. my *old fave toothpick jeans increased in price (face palm) but they now offer high-waist options!

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