sadly, not from the nordstrom sale {Sunday best}

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Skirt, NordstromRack
Jimmy Choo Flats
Burberry bowler bag
MK watch
Bracelet zulily

// bell sleeves are my fave... add lace detail ~ SOLD!//

// pink flats --- love them! here are more cute ones! i want them all!//

 Per my insta post, I was going to share what I got from the {overhyped} Nordstrom pre-sale. I picked up two blouses from my local store. I took them home and tried them on... So so disappointed.  There are tons of good stuff on the sale {like boots, cardigans, blanket scarvesjackets, jeans} but I was not on the look-out for those things. I am still in the  summer mode... the Nsale targets autumn and winter stuff.

It must just be the tops that I chose. This top with bell sleeves is cute but the material is so thin. If it's just a little thicker, I would have kept it. This polka dot top is the second one available at my store. I am always looking for a good polka dot top ~ I have lots of striped tops already. I got a medium {hello breastfeeding!} and the top looked so oversized on me. I should have bought my regular Small. That top is sadly going to be returned because {a} the fit is weird {b} again very thin material.

So.... for my Sunday best, no nordstrom pre-sale outfits to show y'all. I did buy other items that are coming by mail  -- this blue top, this basic tee in gray,  and  striped tee in gray/white.  Wish me luck... But since they are the same brand as the other two I am returning, I am not optimistic that I will keep them all.  I did get other things on sale but not necessarily from the Nsale... they are just marked down.

Happy Sunday, friends!  Think of us this week ~ it's my first full week back in clinic. I went back last week and took call. I survived it {nursing a baby while reading EEGs} and at one point, I hid from my toddler so I can answer a phone call. Good thing, hubs was there to watch her.

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  1. I looked at the same Burberry bag a few years back... before kids. I now wish I had gotten that, rather than the smaller clutch I went with. I suspect I'd use the bowler bag more than the clutch. C'est la vie! Your entire look is gorgeous this week!

    1. Good memories with this bag. I don't use it as much bec it's top handle only. But the limited color of pink is just adorable. I also got it after taking my step 3 of medical licensing boards. It was a treat after 2 days of exams :) thanks for stopping by!

  2. Oh that reminds me I meant to look for basic tops from the sale!

  3. Beautiful as always! Hope your week back at work is uneventful. :)


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