mostly about Lucy + and a taco dip question {7qt}

linking up with Kelly for SQT this Friday Eve.

1. 7 months old
Lucy loves the camera! It can be the big camera or my iphone  -- she's ready to give me her biggest smile. She's also a snapchat veteran. She and her Kuya Bastian love to snapchat.

2. we started solids
 She loves her pureed baby food. Bananas and pears are her faves.
That does not mean we are not going to give her her green beans and peas. Sorry girlie. You will have to keep trying those greens!. Veggies are good for you.

3. #misslucytherese 
I have also posted a few Lucy's OOTD on my instagram.
nothing too fancy.
I love this video! you should watch it. it will crack you up.

4. Lucy and I were loners today.
The middle two were with my in-laws since yesterday. They did not come home until it was time for Isabel's ballet at 5pm.

We are so, so blessed to have our in-laws nearby.
Thank you so much Lolo and Lola for keeping the middle two. I have nothing planned today. But I made sure to make way on all my to-do list.

Grocery shopping done!
Laundry done!
Cooking done!
Patient messages done!
(some) cleaning done!
Reading done!
now blogging!

It's funny how i accomplished all these things with one child. Whereas when i only had Daniel, I was freaking out, wondering when I will be able to do my to-do list.  God truly gives us the grace to take care of the little souls he gives us.

5.  It's Superbowl weekend.
I am making a taco dip and taco meat.

here's how I make my taco dip.

mix 8 oz of sour cream and 8 oz of (softened) cream cheese with 1 packet of taco seasoning.
place at the bottom of the dish.
layer rest of ingredients in this order:

green onions
shredded mozarrella and cheddar cheese or the mexican cheese package already available in the dairy section
diced tomatoes

Somebody suggested I add refried beans. I am thinking of putting that at the very bottom. What do you all think? where should I put the refried beans? at the very bottom? or in between the cheese/taco layer and the salsa??

6. Older bro
Sebastian means well. He smothers his sister with kisses. smothers***
He gets close to her  (not even kissing her yet) and she starts grunting.

He was not happy that  I was only taking photos of his little sister. Remember this photo? He looked like that. He perfected that look. He should trademark it SJ pout.

Next thing -- he sat next to Lucy and posed for the photo. of course, he deserves to be on this post. I like it when people take the initiative.

7. Lent starts next week!
I will be writing a post about my spiritual plans for Lent. I like to make lists so might as well put it out there... who's gonna make me accountable? 

Lucy says have a great day!

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  1. Such cuties! I was just talking with Mr. Man (the guy I'm long-distance dating) about how the grace for each child comes with that child. It's good to have another endorsement!

    Hmm, that dip sounds pretty rich without refried beans. I would probably put them on the bottom, though. You'd need a spoon to dish it out because refried beans are so thick, but they are definitely yummy. I hope it turned out well, whatever you decided!


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