frozen, not anymore

longsleeve tee, old || shop here
dress via nordstrom rack, similar
lipstick revlon
tights, girls dept
vintage Chanel

earrings, gift from bff SJ
from the Philippines

tights, girls dept

This outfit is an old one. The snow has melted and it feels like spring here in the midwest! 50s in February is wonderful!

I am pairing oldies (like this longsleeve tee) plus newbies (dress).

If you are looking for leggings, go to the girls dept and get an XL or XXL. This red one is actually an XXL - a tad loose, but perfect if I get pregnant again... I am NOT pregnant, btw.

Happy midweek!
Christy and I are not ready for this month's stethoscope stories. we hope to be back next month!

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