JB day 2

For day 1 recap, head here.

We left our beach strip and went 1.5 hours north to leave a rainy day. We either had to drive north for 1.5 hours or 3.5 hours south just so we could go to a beach without rain. We chose to go north.

It was a cold day! The temps dropped 15 degrees just from the beach parking lot to the beach! That's only 25 yards away.

Derrick took pic of the children in their hoodies. We are hard-core spring breakers.

I Love my children's enthusiasm. They played for 40 minutes without complaint. Bastian didn't want to leave the chilly beach. We. Are. Hard. Core.

The trip north was not a total bust. On our way to the coast, Derrick saw a Filipino restaurant. We grabbed takeout of bulalo, lechon kawali, pancit bihon, chicken mami and Turon.

I paid for all the fat and grease of the lechon kawali. Massive heartburn for this preggers. Derrick went to the store at 10p to get me Zantac. Bless his heart.

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  1. What a good hubs. Pregnancy heartburn is no joke. :P


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