Haircuts and sand

OBTS day 3
For day 1
For day 2

The sun may not be present but you will still find the D-crew in our hoodies and bathing suit at the beach.

It was also a productive day. I cut Isabel's hair and Sebastian's hair (finally!) for the first time. I started with isabel first. She's more cooperative obviously.

Feeding them and watching DVDs worked wonders. Key for baby's first hair cut: patience. It took an hour of cutting on and off and SJ got rid of his ratty surfer hair.

From now on, I'll find a rental with a grill. I always planned on cooking while on vacation. But my stir fry plans or using the oven, just didn't work out for me. Looks like grilling is definitely doable.

This is an easy marinade:
Soy sauce
Brown sugar

I don't even measure the ingredients.let me know once you've tried it.

And they said they were going to take a nap.....
Yeah, right!

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  1. What a cute haircut! Have a great vacation. :)


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