seven quick takes

1. We are nearing our 9th month-sary since we moved to our new house. All the projects are on-hold since Lucas was born. Oh the power of nesting. Crazy to think that I built shelves, sanded and painted furniture on top of work and mommy-duties. Now-a-days, instead of holding a drill, you will find me napping, if my children will let me.

2. Way to go for the 49ers! They finally won their first WIN of the season.  The guy in the middle is happy.

3. Croup went through our house. Lucas and Lucy had it the worst.

4. I made Daniel laugh and I was not trying to be funny. He asked: what goes up and does not come down?
My answer: fart.
For an 8 year-old, that's like the funniest word ever.  (shaking my head!)

5. Finally got this from the library. Did anybody read it? what do you think?

6. I am almost done with season 6 of Suits.  What should I watch next? Any recommendations?

7. My baby is 6 mos old!

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  1. hahah! I remembered seeing your posts while you were nesting and being like how is she doing it all!:? Lol Some seasons of life.


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