who falls asleep in the chair at the dentist?

rings and bracelet via zulily

RJ couture pants

RJ couture pants
Vintage Chanel
rings and bracelet via zulily

It's Friday! yay!
After coming home late 2 nights in a row and then being on call Wednesday night, I am ready to catch up with my life and family.

Good thing I slept at 10:30p my call night. Because I got woken up at 1:30a and did not go back to sleep (pretty much) until 5:30am. :(  While I was up answering calls or reading an EEG... baby was asleep. When I was not on the work computer and ready to get some more snooze, baby woke up.

There's something about getting old. I just cannot go back to sleep right away anymore. Or was it because I was just sleep deprived as a resident doctor that whenever I was lying horizontal, I just fell asleep? I  did not have a problem falling asleep right away on-call, post-call or post-post-call... even with screaming children around me. Falling asleep right away was not a good thing anyway.  That meant I was uber tired.

Funny how when one is sleep deprived, body just goes into survival mode.

I have fallen asleep in the dentist chair before... not during the cleaning process but while waiting for my dentist. That chair was comfy. (the only time I got to see my doctor or dentist was post-call).

Who's ready for the weekend?
Are you with me?

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  1. So with you! The weekend is great for getting a little extra sleep and catching up on the rest of life!


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