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Anthropologie top, thrifted // Banana Republic skirt, via ThredUp // Naturalizer lennox pumps // Balenciaga Pompon satchel // Michael Kors bradshaw watch

^^Hubs like taking close up photos specially when I walk up to him after our photo shoots. Just when I check his work. This one turned out "great" he said so it made it on the blog. the other shots from previous fashion posts were just plain hilarious.

Balenciaga Pompon satchel #usedisthenewnew

I tried to sell this floral skirt on eBay. it's 100% silk and nobody wanted it! Well, their loss is my gain. since I cannot fit in my regular clothes yet, I was able to wear this although it's still snug.

The naturalizer pumps made the photoshoot but not Vigil Mass. My big size 8 feet cannot fit to my 7.5 pumps... (Question to my mom readers: When you were postpartum, how long did it take for your feet to go back to their regular size? Did they ever go back to their previous size?)

For this week's Mass Grades, I asked hubs to grade the children.
Daniel - B+
Isabel - A-
Sebastian - B
Lucy - amazing, A+++++. she slept the entire time and did not have to nurse.

This was the first time the 6 of us went to Mass together. we sat at the back instead of our usual pew #5. Derrick served as an usher too. Let's just say it was quite interesting. Good thing Lucy was amazingly quiet.

When I travel, I tend to overpack. Imagine if Jesus says: ok go on your trip. Bring a walking stick but that's it. No extra flipflops or cardigan or extra food or extra tops. No ipad, iphone or DVD player. But you can take your husband.

We are still in the adjustment phase with our new brood. We now have 4 hatchlings. We DO NOT know what we are doing. Maybe Derrick does... But I sure do not have any pattern or rhythm or "I got it down" moment yet.

And it's not just about rearing young children that the Gospel got to me -- but also with my life and faith. God asks me today (everyday) to trust in him. Take what is NEEDED -- the bare minimum and leave the rest to him. He will  provide what I truly need, crave and require to be a caring and patient mom.... a loving wife... a saint.

Just like the Twelve, if I follow Him, I will be able to perform what he asks of me... like drive away demons or more like, change diapers, make dinner, read Scripture diligently.

Have a good restful Sunday, friends.

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  1. Love this reflection on the Gospel. And you look lovely - I can't believe no one bought that skirt!

    1. They missed out on a 100% silk skirt!

  2. I definitely thought my feet would never go back to their old size after I had my first baby... I don't know how long it took, but it was a while. Eventually they went back, and haven't gotten that much bigger with subsequent pregnancies, probably because my first was a July baby and the other four have all been winter & fall babies so I wasn't that swollen anyway! I'd give yourself a couple of months/wear open-toed shoes to make it easier :)


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